Fathers Day: Is shared parenting a new normal? Vaastav Foundation founder explains

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Vaastav Foundation founder, Amit Deshpande has called for shared parenting law in India as divorce rates are rising and a child is caught in the dispute.

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On the occasion of Father’s Day, Republic Media Network reached out to one such foundation that recognizes contributions made by fathers to the ever-changing dynamic of society, the Vaastav Foundation. The founder, Amit Deshpande and member, Avinash Tharani spoke out their views on judiciary proceedings where a male is involved as a father and struggles faced by father when separation happens respectively. 

Is shared parenting a new normal?

Shedding some light on the question which is asked by many and a positive response is also demanded by the panelists, founder Amit Deshpande explained that in a dispute between father and mother, a child has to go through a dilemma. So to avoid any trouble to the child, Deshpande demanded shared parenting law that is expected to peacefully resolve the dispute when a child is involved. The founder also claimed that divorce rates are rising and eventually a child becomes the victim. 

As per the data of Amit Deshpande, every year 3 lakh children get into the conflict of parents’ dispute. 

“Courts need to start implementing shared parenting as soon as there is a matrimonial dispute unless child abuse case is involved. If there is a dispute and a child is involved then it is assumed that the child will be given to the mother. Every year there are 3 lakh children who get in the conflict of parents’. The divorce rate is rising and a father is left without a child and he has to run around the courts to get access to even see his son/daughter,” enlightened Vaastav Foundation, founder, Amit Deshpande. 

Addressing parental alienation issues

Adding further to the discussion, member Avinash Tharani shared his own experience of what he calls being alienated from his own child after a dispute occurred between him and his wife five years ago. 

“Court orders have flouted and they have no fear of law. I have to beg, plead to lawmakers and my wife to see my child for few hours as if he is like a prisoner who I get to see for few hours and this happening for last 5 years,” said Avinash Tharani. 

Fathers’ day is celebrated every year on the third Sunday of June to honour the ‘hero’ every child deserves.

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