You’re in luck if looking for an exhibition company in Germany. Many of these companies are online. They can provide impressive results and offer their services all across Europe. These are just a few examples of their expertise. These companies can design booths of any size and offer a wide range of design options. Simply pick the one you like and get in touch.

Before you hire a booth designer in Germany, make sure to read all the regulations. There are many rules that apply to every event. An experienced trade show booth designer will know these regulations. Hire booth staff who are familiar with your products and services if you want to exhibit them at a Berlin major trade show. For assistance in hiring skilled booth staff, ask for training.

An exhibition stand is an integral part of any exhibition space. German companies are a great choice. ABC Design, Albbruck’s company, has been involved since years in the construction many exhibition stands. Its “TakeOff”, folding buggy won the iF product design prize. It has been nominated to the Federal Republic of Germany Design Award. Additionally, it won silver in IDEA Awards. The company has recently introduced two new products at “Kind + Jugend”. The “Zoom”, a double buggy that is extremely compact, is one of our most innovative products. The company also developed a pushchair-configurator for the Apple iPhone.

It is vital to find the right stand builder for your trade show presentation. Germany is home to many companies offering excellent service and high quality products. MeRaum, which has been in business for 20 years, delivers complex projects. It offers custom-made stands and modular stands. This company has many clients from the automotive, fashion and home-related sectors as well.

We are a leading exhibition stand designer. Parallel Display, with more than 20 years of industry experience, can build any size tradeshow stand to suit your needs. They can create custom-designed services that will increase brand visibility at every event. MeRaum is another top German exhibit stand builder. MeRaum offers a wide range of services, including modular stands and highly customized solutions.

For a strong impression to be made on the target audience, an attractive exhibition stand is vital. It must be appealing. We all know that what grabs our attention is remembered more often. It is possible to ensure that your stand stands are attractive and catch the attention of your target audience by choosing German exhibitors. You will be grateful that you did.

Germany is the perfect country to invest in custom exhibition stands. Germany’s specialized trade fairs and fairs draw a lot of people. You should consider building an exhibition stand in Germany if your goal is to launch new products or expand your business into new markets.

Germany’s leading expo stand builders are able to handle all types of projects, from exhibit design to construction of custom exhibition stands. Our custom exhibition stand building services are available at Messe Berlin (ITB Berlin) and BUS2BUS trade fairs. Messe Frankfurt is also home to custom exhibition stands. This can be used for trade shows such as Prolight + Sound or Holz-Handwerk. FachPack and CosmeticBusiness are also possible. We’ll also create custom exhibition stands in Messe Munchen and Sales-Marketing-Messe.

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