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The death of a 22-year-old Kurdish-Iranian woman, Mahsa Amini, has triggered worldwide outrage. Amid the protest and the ongoing turmoil, actor Elnaaz Norouzi who hails from Iran, is spending anxious days and fretful nights as she remains out of contact with her family in Iran. 

During her recent interaction with Hindustan Times, the actor reflected on the miseries faced by the people of Iran amid the growing tensions and revealed how she wants to use her voice to bring people’s attention to “how women continue to get oppressed”.

Elnaaz Norouzi fails to reach out to her family in Iran amid protest

In her conversation, the Sacred Games star mentioned how it is important to talk about incidents of human rights violations that are currently taking place in the country. “It is very important for us to talk about what is happening in the country because it is human rights violations. They have cut off the internet so that people cannot communicate with the people outside,” Elnaaz said. 

For the unversed, massive protests broke out in Iran after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who was detained by the so-called “morality police”, claiming that the woman was not wearing the hijab properly. Although police released a video of Amini collapsing after fainting in the police station, protestors alleged she had suffered serious injuries while she was in police custody. 

Following the uncertainty across the country, the basic services have been disconnected in order to further avoid instigation amongst people. The 30-year-old star stated that she is unable to get in touch with her family as every mode of conversation is blocked. 

“I am not able to reach my family. Every way of communication is blocked. It is kind of retarded, what’s going on over there. Unless we are the voice and make sure that it comes to everyone’s notice, nothing is going to change,” she added. 

Amid the tensions, what came as a respite to the star was a message from one of her cousins which did not paint a happy picture. “She got access to the internet for five minutes and messaged me saying they are well but I had not spoken to her for over three days. Not being in contact with them leads to so much anxiety. My cousin was telling me that there is tear gas everywhere. I am so worried,” adds the actor, who has featured in projects such as Abhay and Tehran.

Earier, the actor had shared a video on Instagram in which she said that the current situation in Iran is making her angry. “When I look at the unity of people and how they are fighting for justice, the way the Iranian people are on roads, the way women have been fighting for their rights and the way men are protesting on streets, do we need other people? Yes, we do, please stand up for the cause,” she said in the video. 

Image: Instagram/@iamelnaaz

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