DNA Special: Why obesity is increasing among people globally, know risks of diseases linked with it

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DNA Special: Why obesity is increasing among people globally, know risks of diseases linked with it (file photo)

Obesity is considered just a problem in our society, but it has become an epidemic. It has left behind even starvation, becoming the cause of more deaths in the whole world. An obese person has more fat in his body than necessary.

This obesity is causing serious diseases and the situation has worsened to such an extent that obesity is now being called an epidemic. According to the report of Our World in Data, obesity is becoming a major cause of death of 47 lakh people every year in the world.

Today, obesity is killing 50% more people than starvation. Not only this, about 200 crore people in the world are struggling with the problem of obesity.

According to the World Obesity Federation, in the next 12 years, half of the world’s population i.e. more than 400 crore people will be suffering from obesity. You will be surprised to know that currently, 39 crore children in the world are victims of obesity. Their number is estimated to double in the next 12 years i.e. by 2035.

If we look around, we will definitely see some overweight people. But there was a time when there was a problem of hunger in the whole world, people used to die due to hunger. But now, by eating more food, people are dying because of obesity. 

Even in India, people suffer from obesity. According to the estimates of the World Obesity Federation, more than 13 crore people in India are obese, including 1.5 crore children in India. By 2035, the figure of obesity among Indian youth will increase by 5.2 % and this figure among children is expected to increase by 9 %.

Scientists believe that the biggest reason for obesity is the continued consumption of junk food and lack of exercise.

In research by Brazil’s São Paulo University, scientists found out that people who eat junk food more, their stomach goes out and due to the accumulation of fat near the liver and intestine, high blood pressure, heart attack, type 2 Diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol start attacking the body.

Obesity is increasing very fast due to the use of more junk food and not exercising. Because of this obesity, many diseases are making their home in our bodies. Obesity is also one of the reasons for heart attacks. Obesity is directly related to our eating habits. Apart from this, it also depends on how much exercise or hard work you do to digest food.

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