DNA Special: India’s digital revolution vs Britain’s paper revolution

Now, we will tell you about India’s digital revolution on vaccination and the paper revolution of America and Britain. In the US and UK, people who get vaccinated are given a paper certificate instead of a digital certificate, on which the vaccination information is written by hand. Whereas in India, the world’s largest digital vaccination is running through Cowin. And in our country, people get a digital certificate of vaccination within a few minutes. 

This is the situation when India is vaccinating its citizens the fastest as compared to the whole world. India has vaccinated more than 7 crore people in the last 6 days, while the total population of Britain is only 60 million.

India is not only rapidly vaccinating its citizens, but people also get a digital certificate of vaccination in India. As soon as you get the vaccine, within a few minutes, a digital certificate of vaccination arrives on your mobile phone, which you can also download.

Whereas in Britain even today, after getting the vaccine, a certificate of vaccination is given on a simple card. The people of Britain get the digital certificate of vaccination after 2 weeks of getting the vaccine, that too after applying for it.

The same is the case with developed countries like America. There also, vaccination information is given by writing on a simple card. And in America, there is no provision for Digital Certificate.

Not only this, you can see the real-time data of vaccination in India on the Government of India website cowin.gov.in.

Cowin is a licensed product of the Government of India. 76 countries of the world now want to use this technology so that they too can digitize the record of vaccination.

Prime Minister Modi had said in the Global Covid Summit only yesterday that the countries of the world should think about making international travel easier. The irony is that countries like Britain consider their paper certificates to be correct but do not want to recognize the power of India’s technology. Let’s look at another example of Britain’s dual attitude.

Britain has now recognized even small countries in terms of the population like Barbados, Bahrain, Brunei, Canada, Dominica, and Malaysia but it doubts the vaccination program of a huge country like India.

There are only 7 states in America where there are mobile apps for records of Covid-19 and vaccination. 22 states of America have banned such apps, but Britain recognizes the vaccination certificate for people coming from America but asks the people of India to stay in quarantine.

However, today, the Supreme Court of India has praised India’ vaccination program and said that despite the adverse circumstances and such a large population, vaccination to people at this speed is worthy of praise.

There is also a truth that Britain is responsible for many infectious diseases in India because when India was ruled by Britain, many infectious diseases spread in India. It is not that epidemics did not spread in India before the arrival of the British, but after the arrival of the British, it increased a lot.

In the year 1918, the Spanish flu was also spread in India because of the British because the British had sent many Indian soldiers to fight the First World War. When these soldiers started coming back to India from different countries, along with them, Spanish flu also came to India and it had killed one to two crore people of India then. So today, Britain should not just learn from its mistakes of history but respect India’s vaccine revolution and recognize India’s vaccination program.

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