Devil worshipping couple accused of human sacrifice

The couple is under the custody of the Investigation Committee, one of them has promised to cooperate with the local police


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Updated: Aug 20, 2021, 11:02 PM IST

Earlier on Friday (August 20), investigators in Russia said that they are probing a Moscow couple who are allegedly believed to be members of the satanist sect who were recently involved in two ritual murders in two different cities.

The couple Olga Bolshakova and Andrei Tregubenko are under custody of the Moscow Investigative Committee who said that they are pursuing charges of murder and drug trafficking against both individuals. 

The investigators claim that Tregubenko had stabbed an acquaintance in a forest in the Northern Republic of Karelia, wanting to sacrifice her through a ritual. The woman had allegedly died from the stab wounds. The officers later found out that the couple was involved in other ritual killings as well in Saint Petersburg, who was a man. He was beaten harshly and then was stabbed with a knife. His belongings were found alongside his body. 

A news channel that is hosted on the messaging app Telegram, said that the accused,  Bolshakova has made a deal with investigators and admitted to her involvement in the ritual killings.

Both involved in the killings will also face charges for drug trafficking after large quantities of drugs were found in their home in a Moscow suburb.

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