Chhavi Mittal advises people not to call cancer patients ‘bechara,’ shares motivational message for survivors

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Television actress Chhavi Mittal has become a warrior after surviving and beating breast cancer. Chhavi’s journey of battling the disease is an inspiring tale itself, and she has made sure to send out motivation to her other cancer survivors. The Bandini star has shared a prolonged post advising people not to look at the patients with a sympathetic gaze.  

Chhavi shared a photo of herself, and wrote, “Today my heart beats fast as I complete 3 months since the breast cancer surgery. Extremely happy with the progress I’ve made, and patting my back for the positivity I continue to maintain. But mostly proud of the various things I’ve learnt about cancer first-hand, and through the experience of my other fellow cancer brothers and sisters. Some of those facts are that a lot of times it’s curable, the treatment, however slow, does have light at the end of the tunnel, chemo and radiation might affect your hair, but they don’t have to affect your spirits! And most importantly, your disease may not be in your control, but you can definitely control how the recovery pans out.”

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Mittal further stated how people indirectly demotivate patients, “I’ve seen so many cancer patients heading to work straight after chemo, I did that every day after radiation.. and I want to say, that I haven’t heard many patients talk about the positive experiences, but have heard so many caregivers use words like ‘bechara’ for cancer patients! Please don’t do that! They’re far from becharas, and are in fact strength personified!” 

In the conclusion, Chhavi stated, “I still have a long way to go before I’m a 100%, but I’m sharing my everyday recovery journey so at least some of the pre-conceived notions around cancer can be changed. And for all those cancer-diagnosed patients who DM me, ‘I’m scared’, go and watch my journey since I was diagnosed, and I hope it makes you as fearless as me.” Apart from her television stint, Chhavi is also a content creator. 

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