BTS: J-Hope, Jimin dance to Hawa Mein Udati Jaaye in fan-made edit, ARMY says ‘fits so well’

Reported By:DNA Web Team| Edited By: DNA Web Team |Source: DNA webdesk |Updated: Mar 17, 2023, 11:29 PM IST

South Korea’s famous Bangtan boys aka BTS need no introduction. The band members, their songs, and their dance videos are trendsetters and breakers. Whatever these guys upload it goes viral without saying. The fans aka ARMY across the world worship them and keep a close look at each and every activity. 

ARMY also edits BTS members’ music videos with their favourite songs and composition. Usually, these fan edits do get popular, and currently, a video of J-Hope is going frenzy on the internet. In the recent short clip going viral, BTS members J-Hope and Jimin were captured ‘dancing’ to Bombay Vikings’ popular Hindi song Hawa Mein Udati Jaaye. The video will excite you for a moment for its’ perfect synchronisation, but the video is a fan edit. Originally, the video is J-Hope’s new song, On The Street. The artists were captured performing on the recent-released song. 

Here’s the video

As soon as the video got surfaced, several fans aka ARMY shared their thoughts about the video. A user wrote, “For a moment I thought they actually danced on this song.” Another fan wrote, “Why doe it fit this perfectly.” A netizen added, “Actually this can become challenge.” Another netizen added, “Tell me why all Bollywood songs fit so well in BTS choreography.” One of the netizens added, “I’m just watching it on loop.”  One of the users wrote, “Bring back this song and turn this into a #trend.” Many other netizens added that they need more such fan edit, and they are re-sharing the video on their page. 

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