Who’s Mad Maggie in Apex Legends?

Maggie Remorse

Within the Ring Fury Escalation Takeover, the same outdated announcer is nowhere to be stumbled on; as an different, she is changed by Season 8: Mayhem’s immense baddie: Mad Maggie. But who exactly is Mad Maggie? Margaret Kōhere, Maggie or Mags for brief, is a Salvo native and the leader of an group known as Cracked Talon. She has solid ties to her planet and disagreed with its acquisition into Syndicate Hassle. She used to be also, in her private life, Walter “Fuse” Fitzroy’s childhood finest fair correct friend.

Fuse and Maggie ragged to pass a golden grenade backward and forward to every other as a token of their friendship, however after Fuse made up our minds to enroll within the Apex Video games, she seen him as a traitor to Salvo and her. She pulled the pin on the grenade the closing time she and Fuse spoke nose to nose in a fit of rage and luckily blew off Fuse’s fair arm.

Young Maggie
Image by intention of Respawn

Since then, she has gone on a cruel revenge mosey, including firing cannons at a crowd of innocent of us, destroying mountains, and crashing a ship on Kings Canyon.

Maggie and Fuse
Image by intention of Respawn

Now she can also be helming the Ring Flare destruction within the Ring Fury Escalation Takeover. Given her hatred for the Apex Video games, the chance of her ever changing into a Story herself is low however no longer no longer doable. Either intention, she will be able to doubtlessly continue to be a semi-prominent persona, namely in appreciate to Fuse’s lore.

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