‘We’re Gonna Leave With The Money’: Can Allies Ashley And Amanda Really Win The Challenge?

Flowers might typically wilt and wither come summer’s end, but on The Challenge, Lavender Ladies Ashley and Amanda are poised to extend their bloom for seasons to come. The question is: Will Spies, Lies and Allies finally be the game in which Ashley and Amanda can go the distance…together?

On the latest episode of Season 37, and amid twists and turns that’d leave a champion acrobat dizzy, the two took a minute to reflect on their years-long friendship, which they first nurtured as rookies on Rivals III. The ladies proceeded to spend five straight seasons side by side, and with Amanda’s return on Spies after a lengthy hiatus, Ashley waxed poetic about how far her fiery friend — a new mom — had come.

“I’m just so honored to be Amanda’s friend,” Ashley said. “She’s such a great human. She’s a nurse during the pandemic, she’s a single mother, she takes care of a sick family member.”

Ashley was so insistent on keeping Amanda’s chances of a championship alive, in fact, that she — typically one to avoid elimination at all costs — insisted that she’d sacrifice herself to The Lair if necessary to spare Amanda.

Sacrifice, however, wouldn’t prove be necessary. After the House voted Priscilla into The Lair following “Diamond Dash,” Priscilla, a uniquely fearless player, chose Ashley as her opponent.

And Ashley, who’s had a history of melting down when nominated, instead took Priscilla’s choice in stride, reiterating how moved she was to have the chance to keep Amanda out of harm’s way.

“I wanna do anything I can to help her,” Ashley said.

And it seemed like Ashley’s fellow veterans — some of whom, like Nany, weren’t so keen on keeping the two-time champ in the game — could sense the enormity of the moment. Led by Amanda, they cheered Ashley on through “Seek and Destroy,” a memory game peppered with tests of strength and muscular endurance.

“To finally have the friendships, the alliances, the people rooting for her — I know this is a big moment for [Ashley],” Amanda said. “Ashley is such a genuine person; I don’t know what I would do without her in the game. She’s my best friend.”

Thankfully, Amanda wouldn’t have to confront the possibility of a game without Ashley. Millionaire Mitchell finally got her groove back, curbed her elimination-round slump and sent Priscilla packing. Then, even when TJ offered Ashley the chance to defect from the Sapphire Cell to join the stronger Emerald Cell, she declined, insisting that she’d rather stick out the game beside her BFF Amanda on Team Blue.

“We wanted to come in together, and we wanted to leave together,” Amanda said. “And we’re gonna leave with the money — you watch.”

But what do you think — can Ashley and Amanda finally make it to the final in lockstep? Or is Ashley’s latest Lair appearance proof there’s more trouble on the horizon, and could Amanda’s nomination be close behind? Share your thoughts, and hang tight for the next Spies, Lies and Allies episode Wednesday!

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