Victor reacts to being dumped from ‘Love Island USA’: ‘Carmen came to play’

Another islander has left the villa. 

Victor Gonzalez’s time on Love Island USA might have been short, but it was nothing if not eventful. After none of the women wanted to couple up with him, the Spanish wrestler had a budding relationship with Jasmine before bombshell Carmen caught his eye. But that relationship was short-lived, as Carmen felt the two were not moving at the same pace and then started a potential romance up with Bergie. This love triangle led to some clashing, and Victor and Carmen were deemed the public’s least-favorite couple. Mostly due to Bergie’s pleas to give him and Carmen a chance, the islanders opted to send Victor home — a decision some came to regret.

EW caught up with Victor to talk about his time in the villa, that messy love triangle, and what he thought about the islanders’ regrets about sending him home after Carmen friend-zoned Bergie.

LOVE ISLAND — Episode 510 — Pictured: Victor Gonzalez — (Photo by: Sara Mally/PEACOCK)

Victor Gonzalez

| Credit: Sara Mally/PEACOCK

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When you were standing next to Carmen, what was going through your mind? Were you surprised by the islanders’ choice?

VICTOR GONZALEZ: I didn’t want my friends to have to choose between us. I wouldn’t like to be in that position of having to choose between two people I care about… I know my friends have my back and want me to stay, but it makes sense that if someone is going to stay, it’s going to have to be someone that you think can create a bond with another islander. It makes sense that [Carmen] stayed because I didn’t feel any connection with anybody and I will not fake that just to keep being on the show. 

I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but right after you left, many of the islanders felt like they made the wrong choice by sending you home, and Carmen told Bergie she just wanted to be friends. Do you have any reaction to that?

[The islanders chose Carmen] because she was having this story with Bergie. I don’t hold anything against her, but Carmen came to play. This is a competition, and she came with a game plan. She [did] everything [she could] to stay alive. First she stole me, then she changed to Bergie, and now is probably with some new islander. That’s where she showed her true colors.

Soon after you and Carmen coupled up, she said you were moving at different paces. From your perspective, where did things with your pairing start to take a turn?

It all changed the next day, so I think she did the same thing with me and Bergie. She comes to you and tells you what you want to hear, then she changes. For example, she was talking about all the PDA. Man, the first night that we spent together she was cuddled up on me and super close. The next day she turns out of nowhere, and I was like, ‘I don’t know who I spent the night with because it wasn’t you.’ And I heard she was talking with other people about how uncomfortable she felt, but she never came to me. The moment she talked to me, I said, ‘if something bothers you, come tell me, because in a relationship I want to create a safe space for both of us.’ If we’re not moving at the same pace, then we adjust and meet in the middle. 

Bergie was another thing you and Carmen clashed about. How frustrating was being in that triangle for you and how it impacted your bond with Bergie?

I didn’t hold anything against Bergie. I don’t know if it was on the show or not, but right after that challenge, when Carmen chose Bergie instead of me, I wasn’t mad, I was confused. I didn’t understand what was happening and felt really disrespected. The first time I saw Bergie after that, I went to talk to him and tell him that he didn’t do anything. She chose him. After that, I feel like we got messed up in misunderstandings. I like to discuss stuff and I am open to talk about everything, but I don’t think Bergie is there yet. 

LOVE ISLAND — Episode 501 — Pictured: Victor Gonzalez — (Photo by: Lila Seeley/PEACOCK)

Victor Gonzalez

| Credit: Lila Seeley/PEACOCK

Is there anything about how it all played out between you, Carmen and Bergie that you want to clear up?

Carmen and I talked and Bergie and I were on good terms, so when they pulled me aside in the kitchen I was like, “what is going on?” I was so confused and it felt like two against one, and that’s why I got heated. That’s when I said to Carmen “I don’t care about your feelings,” but that was poor phrasing. English is not my first language and when I get agitated, the translations are not the best. I think in Spanish and translate super fast in English, so what I meant to say is, “I don’t care who you like or don’t like anymore and I’m not trying to pursue anything with you.” 

Some people labeled me a bully and said that I had all the guys gang up against Bergie. It’s totally the opposite. … The reason I wanted the guys there [was] to have more eyes and ears there to know what happened in the room and to listen to what both of us [said]. It wasn’t me putting everyone against Bergie, because I [would] never do that.  It was frustrating trying to have a conversation with him when I’m expressing myself and he’s just saing, “I don’t know what to say.” He’s just not there yet when it comes to having those kinds of conversations. It was very frustrating for me and that’s when I was getting more agitated. People can see [my reactions] as disproportionate and I’m sorry for that. I should have had more patience with him, but we are all grown ass people that decided to go on a TV show.

You and Bergie left things in a tense place when you got dumped from the island. How are you feeling now?

What messed up my relationship with Bergie was the continuing drama after drama. He’s a good guy, he’s going to learn a lot from this experience. Once he’s out I would like to talk to him and have all the guys together.

Was there anyone you wished you had gotten to know more while you were in there?

If I would have stayed, I would probably have tried to get to know Destiny a little more. We have a few things in common.

This interview has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.

Love Island USA season 5 is currently airing on Peacock.

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