Sunmi Channels Catwoman in Frisky ‘Tail’ Video

She also suggested The Korean Herald in regards to the animalistic inspiration tiresome “TAIL” and how she wished to physically utter her emotions. The song and video also earn inspiration from the DC Comics persona Catwoman. Eminent choreographer Janelle Ginestra (Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Crimson Velvet) created the K-pop artist’s fiesty and sultry routine that showed off every elongated facet of her physique, from her braided high pony whipping around to her multicolored manicures.

“Animals use their tail to explicit their emotions. They’ll shake their tails gently when they’re in a correct mood and flick it exhausting if frustrated. I cherished the frankness of this instinctive conduct and the note ‘tail’ correct left a astronomical affect in my tips,” Sunmi acknowledged in her interview. “I don’t dangle a tail, so I needed as an instance how animals utter their emotions with their tails. I suggested Janelle to truly tear brave with it so the animal rawness can indubitably bump into. I cherished how she made it.”

Detect her “TAIL” song video below.

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