Steve-O responds to Bam Margera’s diss track with skateboarding mixtape

The Jackass star answered Bam’s bars with a video flexing his skating skills.

Steve-O is responding to the brutal diss track unloaded by his former Jackass costar Bam Margera, and there’s one thing he wants to clear up: He doesn’t suck at skating.

In a humorous Instagram video addressed to Margera on Monday, Steve-O said, “I saw your rap song and gotta say, it wasn’t great. But the worst thing about it was you attacked my skateboarding.”

Teasing that Margera must be “upset” that Steve-O had done “so well” selling autographed skateboards (and not-so-subtly plugging his wares), he added, “But come on, dude. You gotta admit, I rip. And everyone’s gonna find out how much I rip right now when they watch this. Love you too, buddy.”

The video transitions to a mixtape of Steve-O flexing his skateboarding skills, which include hitting a kickflip, grinding on rails and curbs, jumping rope while on his board, and even doing a simultaneous wall ride with skate legend Tony Hawk.

Steve-O’s video came a day after Margera took aim at his former Jackass collaborators — including co-creators Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine — on a new single from Australian rappers Cult Shotta and Tanboymiguel. On the song, titled “Feel Like Bam,” Margera says his former crew “ruined my… moneymakers” and “ruined what I love.” He also concludes, “F— ’em all.”

Bam Margera and Steve-O in 2002

Bam Margera and Steve-O in 2002

| Credit: Frank Micelotta/ImageDirect

Knoxville and Steve-O have both expressed well wishes for Margera, who has been open about his struggles with addiction and substance abuse over the years. Last October, Knoxville told Variety, “I love Bam. I know that a lot has happened. I just want him to get well for himself and his family. I love the guy, and I want him to get well and stay well.”

In January, Margera appeared on Steve-O’s podcast Wild Ride and recounted a bout of COVID-19 that was so serious it had Steve-O concerned for his friend’s life. Weeks later Steve-O brought Margera along as the opening act on his comedy tour, but things went awry when Margera went on a social media rant while allegedly under the influence. In response, Steve-O left a comment (since deleted) on Margera’s Instagram imploring him to get sober.

“I brought you on tour with me in hopes that I could get you to see what’s possible if you choose recovery,” he wrote. “I’ve tried everything I can, but I can’t force you to get honest and do the work of recovery.”

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