Siesta Key Split: Juliette Confirms ‘It’s Over’ With Sam

Siesta Key‘s Juliette and Sam (aka “the new kingdom”) are no longer together. And even though “everything has been posted on social media” (the Queen’s words), viewers are about to see “more to the story” of their breakup.

“Do you even want to try?” Juliette tearfully asks Sam in the supersized sneak peek above.

While his reply isn’t featured in the clip, the answer is crystal clear: He is seen with a “new girl,” and Juliette is locking lips with a mystery beau.

But back to Sam’s possible partner: Who calls her a “trophy rebound” to her face? And where does Juliette travel to after she moves out of Sam’s abode? Watch the clip, and do not miss Siesta Key beginning tonight (brand-new night) at 9/8c.

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