Rand Paul Refuses to Settle for Legitmacy of 2020 Election or Joe Biden as President

Even with President Joe Biden now as a substitute of job, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of the 2020 election, announcing without proof in an look on ABC’s “This Week” that voter fraud had been dedicated.

“Had been there folk that voted twice?” Paul requested host George Stephanopoulos. “Had been there silly folk that voted? Had been there unlawful aliens who voted? Sure, and we could presumably perchance moreover merely soundless unravel it.”

Stephanopoulos responded by announcing that whereas conditions of voter fraud non-public been demonstrate in every election, it has by no approach been frequent ample to trade the end result of an election. “There non-public been 86 challenges filed by President Trump and his allies in court. All non-public been brushed apart,” Stephanopoulos acknowledged. “All non-public been brushed apart. […] Can’t you exact issue the phrases: This election changed into once no longer stolen?”

Pressed in most cases by @GStephanopoulos, Sen. Rand Paul won’t issue the 2020 election wasn’t stolen, requires investigation of fraud, but doesn’t provide proof.

GS: “There are no longer two aspects to this story. This has been looked at in every single remark.” https://t.co/P6iz1jjwYE pic.twitter.com/GeWSYe0Bs0

— This Week (@ThisWeekABC) January 24, 2021

When Paul sidestepped the inquire of and argued that 75% of Republicans in a present ballotimagine Congress could presumably perchance moreover merely soundless “see at election integrity,” Stephanopoulos identified that 75% of Republicans have confidence you attributable to they non-public been fed a large lie by President Trump and his supporters who issue the election changed into once stolen.” Paul grew to turn into it spherical, accusing the host of calling Republicans liars.

“You’re forgetting who you would perhaps presumably perchance moreover very well be as a journalist when you imagine there’s handiest one aspect,” Paul acknowledged.

“I’m standing by info,” Stephanopoulos responded. “There are no longer two aspects to info. I did not issue this changed into once a ideal election. I acknowledged the outcomes non-public been licensed. I acknowledged it changed into once no longer stolen. It is a mislead issue it changed into once stolen.”

Irrespective of repeated statements from the U.S. Justice Dept. and remark election officials that there’s no proof of frequent fraud, Trump and most Republican lawmakers non-public persevered to baselessly say that the election had been rigged against him within the course of the closing weeks of his presidency. Trump’s claims non-public resulted in recent articles of impeachment being filed against him after his supporters, incited by his rhetoric, stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 because the election outcomes non-public been being licensed. Five folk died within the wake.

Following Paul’s interview, ragged Recent Jersey Gov. Chris Christie informed Stephanopoulos that any Republicans that non-public boosted Trump’s claims ought to be condemned.

“This election changed into once no longer stolen,” Christie acknowledged. “There non-public been no form of irregularities that could presumably perchance non-public changed the end result in anybody remark. Folks in my birthday celebration who are doing that, pretty frankly, are exact seeking to accept political elements with those folk that the president and others lied to about this over the direction of the 10 weeks after the election, and it’s shameful that they’re doing it.”

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