Lee Dong Wook Shares His Thoughts About Pre-Produced Dramas, Distinction Between TV And Movie, And His Existence All over The Pandemic

Lee Dong Wook recently participated in a pictorial and interview for the magazine Area!

In the interview, Lee Dong Wook talked about taking moderately of damage for himself at this stage of his career. “For the previous few years, I worked virtually admire an idol,” he said. “Idols are busy all 365 days round. They liberate albums and put together for concerts, but they are also repeatedly doing something out of the public ogle. I realized the trend to dispute to when they said, ‘I’m so contented to possess a week off.’ I was as soon as admire that.”

The actor shared that he had reached this busy point in his career after the recognition of his hit drama “Goblin.” “I went on an Asian tour of seven countries in 2017,” he said. “I had a just appropriate time performing, and before all the pieces I repeatedly knew where I was as soon as, but then it began to blur together. 2019 was as soon as an extraordinarily busy 365 days for me. I was as soon as filming the drama ‘Contact Your Heart‘ when I obtained the job for MC on ‘Invent X 101.’ Then I started the drama ‘Strangers from Hell’ whereas I was as soon as the MC, and when that was as soon as about to full, I started the controversy affirm ‘On tale of I Would like to Talk.’ As soon as that was as soon as over, I began making ready for and filming ‘Story of the Nine-Tailed.’ The day earlier than nowadays [February 5] I wrapped up filming for the movie ‘Single in Seoul.’”

The interviewer talked about that dramas for the time being are turning into extra pre-produced, with a minimal of half of the drama being produced upfront of its broadcast date. Requested how he felt from an actor’s perspective, Lee Dong Wook answered, “I reflect that it’s honest for things to interchange. I’m from the previous generation. I’ve been doing this job since 1999. I’ve stayed up hundreds of nights and worked hundreds of brutal schedules. There was as soon as a time when I turned unnerved of doing dramas, as a consequence of it supposed staying up nights for four months in a row. It’s in actual fact complicated to reside for that lengthy with two or three hours of sleep an evening. Because the system modified, actors could well leisure for roughly in some unspecified time in the future per week, and sleep about six or seven hours an evening. It’s no longer appropriate the actors, but as well the production workers obtained some breathing room. I reflect that here’s a just appropriate trend.”

Lee Dong Wook also weighed in on the disagreement between filming dramas and flicks. “It’s been a whereas since I did a movie,” he said. “This time, I didn’t notice a gargantuan disagreement between movie fashions and drama fashions. Both mediums use the the same instruments many of the time. No longer appropriate the equipment, however the production stipulations are related as successfully. I reflect that as these modifications continue, it could most likely turn into meaningless to distinguish between motion pictures and dramas.” The reporter identified that this supposed that the quality of Korean dramas had improved seriously, and Lee Dong Wook agreed, adding, “With the teach of streaming products and companies, the price range for dramas has even overtaken motion pictures in some situations.”

The actor went on, “But there is a disagreement between telling a performed legend in two hours and filming 10 episodes upfront earlier than the drama begins to air. There’s also a disagreement within the time required for post-production. I’ve normally belief that dramas could well damage away of the ’16-episode’ expectation and scamper for 10 or 12 episodes as a replace. Even supposing the production time is the the same, there’s a qualitative disagreement between airing 10 episodes and making ready to broadcast 16.”

Lee Dong Wook talked about his existence for the length of the COVID-19 pandemic. “I reflect that we’ve had to turn into less clear about filming schedules,” he said. “It’s also turn into extra complicated to scout locations for filming. In the previous, we’d bag permission or sponsorship from public establishments and public spaces, but these spaces are shut due to the pandemic. For instance, let’s say that our next filming space is an condo complicated. In the previous, it is also easy to bag permission to movie there, but now the residents are against having many of us approach in. ‘Single in Seoul’ was as soon as speculated to full filming a week within the past, but it and not using a doubt was as soon as pushed abet thanks to space points. It’s a relate no longer easiest in locations that were easy to movie within the previous, admire Namsan and the Han River, but as well in police stations, law courts, and airports. Discovering locations in typical has turn into work on its private.”

He added, “When we work, we have to purchase off our masks, but we set up on masks after we’re getting hair and make-up done. We now prefer to set on them even when going to the bathroom on dwelling. Even in interviews, we set up on masks. Other than for the situations after we’re in point of truth in front of the camera, we’re repeatedly wearing masks.”

Strive “Story of the Nine-Tailed” below!

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