Kodak Unlit’s Current Song Tackles Trump Commuting His Detention heart Sentence

Days after being released from penal advanced thanks to a presidential sentence commutation by Donald Trump, Kodak Unlit has released a fresh tune known as “Closing Day In,” which contains lyrics reflecting the rapper’s thoughts on being freed by the polarizing president.

“Trump most attention-grabbing freed me, but my current president is on the cash/All they hatin’ presidents has change into evident to me,” be taught the lyrics to the tune. Kodak — who modified into slated to back a 46-month penal advanced sentence for falsifying data on federal varieties to gain firearms in 2019 — modified into freed Wednesday at roughly the same time Trump left the White Home and Joe Biden modified into sworn in as the 46th president.

Kodak is one of several rappers who got clemency from inclined president Trump. While major hip-hop names love Lil Wayne and Loss of life Row Data founder Michael Harris got back from Trump, his administration pushed ahead with five federal executions following his defeat within the November election.

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Aloof, Kodak Unlit has voiced his pork up for Trump in numerous tweets, thanking him for releasing him from penal advanced and for his “commitment to justice reform.” However on Saturday, he pushed even extra, posting a describe of a gold bar with Trump’s title stamped on it and a describe of Trump’s face with photoshopped dreadlocks.

I Was Already Fuckin Wit Yo Campaign However Shidd We Locked In Na @POTUS45 pic.twitter.com/1OuiBoL5Bx

— Kodak Unlit (@KodakBlack1k) January 24, 2021

Trump’s clemency, on the other hand, doesn’t indicate Kodak is entirely free. He peaceable faces first-level prison sexual habits costs from accusations linked to a 2016 incident in South Carolina, the place he is accused of raping a girl. If convicted, he might well well slide support to penal advanced for up to 30 years.

Hear to Kodak Unlit rap about Trump within the clip above.

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