Is Venture Triangle Technique a sequel to Octopath Traveler?

Triange Strategy, Project Triange Strategy

Yell thru Square Enix

For the length of the contemporary Nintendo Voice earlier this month, viewers had been treated to the premiere trailer showcasing the most up-to-date title from the Octopath Traveler pattern personnel, Venture Triangle Technique. And whereas the recreation has been known as a “successor” of varieties, may maybe possibly maybe maybe Triangle Technique be a upright sequel to Octopath Traveler?

According to the trailer, the title is “the most up-to-date in the HD-2D assortment,” which is a reference to the graphical form of both games the utilization of 2D sprite art work rendered on a 3D plane.

Project Triangle Strategy
Screengrab thru Nintendo

This creates a special-taking a seek and pretty beautiful form that invokes the sleek sprite art work graphics of classic SNES titles whereas offering extra dynamic visuals and camera angles.

On the opposite hand, in phrases of gameplay, there’s a pointy divide as Triangle Technique substances a tactical battle design reminiscent of Closing Narrative Ways, pretty than the extra feeble turn-based mostly entirely mostly battle design of Octopath Traveler.

Neither Nintendo nor Square Enix has confirmed whether the 2 games are in the same universe, though they form both happen in a really identical European delusion atmosphere. And whereas they both characteristic magic methods, the mechanics of each are pretty assorted. So evidently as of now, it’s unclear whether the titles fragment the same world.

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