Here’s who is still together from ‘Love Is Blind’ season 5

Warning: This article contains spoilers about the Love Is Blind season 5 reunion.

It’s been more than a year and a half since Love Is Blind season 5 finished filming, and a lot has changed with the cast since then. While only one couple got married in the finale, multiple cast members continued dating after cameras stopped rolling. So, who is still together now — and who is the most hated by every person on the cast?

Lydia and Milton on ‘Love is Blind’ season 5.
Courtesy of Netflix

Milton and Lydia

The season 5 reunion (now streaming on Netflix) reveals that Milton and Lydia, the only couple who said “I do,” are still happily married and together today. They even had a second wedding celebration in Puerto Rico. Milton says he now has a better work-life balance due to wanting to go home to his wife at the end of the day, and jokes about how Lydia is “too close” with his mom.

Izzy and Stacy

The only other couple to make it to the finale weddings was Izzy and Stacy, but while Izzy said “I do,” Stacy rejected him because he waited so long to tell her about his bad credit score. She said during their wedding that they just needed more time, but the reunion reveals that they are no longer together — and things got even messier between them after the finale.

They had both agreed to take time for themselves after their failed wedding, which Izzy struggled with after only a few days since he missed Stacy. A week later, they went on a date, and Izzy says he felt something was off so he asked Stacy what was going on. She told him she couldn’t be with him, and he was so mad that he didn’t talk to her for a year — his dad passed away a month after that date, but he ignored her when she texted him to check in.

Stacy says she had wanted to start over with him without the cameras filming everything, but Izzy didn’t want to go backwards, so that’s why they broke up. The next time they saw each other was a year later when they randomly ran into each other at a bar. Izzy hugged her immediately and they talked about everything and even kissed, but that was the closure they needed to move on.

Izzy says they’re like “bros” now, and even talk to each other about their current dating experiences. They also accidentally went on a double date at a random cooking class with different significant others who they’re both still with today.

Stacy and Izzy on ‘Love is Blind’ season 5.
Courtesy of Netflix

Chris and Johnie

While Chris and Johnie didn’t continue with the show after the pods, they got back together and dated in the real world. However, their relationship didn’t last long and they’re not together today.

Just a few weeks after the party where Izzy and Stacy fought with Johnie, Chris went out of town and Johnie didn’t hear from him for weeks. She then found out from a friend that Chris was dating someone else, and he is still happily together with that person (they even live together). Johnie has also been dating someone else for a year.

Izzy and Johnie

But wait, there’s more! While Izzy rejected Johnie in the pods and got engaged to Stacy, it turns out that Izzy and Johnie’s romantic history wasn’t over. During the reunion, Johnie reveals Izzy reached out to her to apologize for how he spoke to her at the party and they ended up reconnecting a few weeks after Izzy and Stacy broke up to give it another shot.

When some of the season 5 cast went out to a bar together, Izzy and Johnie talked to each other for an hour and they made out in his jeep. They both claim they didn’t hook up further than that and are just friends now because that night confirmed that they weren’t right for each other.

Uche on ‘Love Is Blind’.
Courtesy Netflix

Aaliyah and Uche

Aaliyah and Uche also shockingly gave things a second try. Despite their on-camera breakup lunch, Aaliyah reveals during the reunion that they began dating again after filming ended, but it ended very quickly. She claims that he told other cast members she wasn’t the type of woman he usually finds attractive, and he was mean and condescending towards her, so the relationship wasn’t worth chasing.

Host Nick Lachey also reveals that while Uche was invited to the reunion, he chose not to be part of it — and the entire cast is happy he stayed away, since they all ignore his texts and are, as Izzy puts it, “not a fan.” Lydia says Uche texted her the day the show premiered, offering to discuss anything that appeared in the episodes, and Aaliyah laughs as she reveals she got the exact same text.

Aaliyah also reveals she’s at peace with what happened on the show and is currently in a loving relationship with someone new.

JP and Taylor

To no one’s surprise, “Captain America” JP and Taylor did not rekindle things after their disastrous Mexico trip. The reunion is the first time they’ve seen each other since Mexico, and both of them are dating someone else.

The most enduring love story of the entire season? That’s between JP and his red, white, and blue wardrobe — he’s literally wearing stars-and-stripes socks with his formal suit during the reunion, and still tries to comment on Taylor’s appearance. Hey, a zebra can’t change his (stars and) stripes!

Love Is Blind season 5 and its reunion are now streaming on Netflix.

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