‘Gen V’ star asked ‘The Boys’ Jack Quaid how to clean blood stains

Shaving cream is the key!

Nick Romano

By Nick Romano September 07, 2023 at 08:44 PM EDT

Gen V actress Lizze Broadway knew she’d be covered in fake blood for The Boys spinoff.

She has one scene in which her character, Emma Meyers, uses her power to shrink down to the size of a bug and kills a guy from the inside out by crawling through his ear. By the time she emerges on the other side, she’s a head-to-toe bloody mess. So, Broadway turned to someone for advice who knows a thing or two about suffering for one’s craft.

For EW’s Fall TV Preview cover story on Gen V, Broadway says she spoke with The Boys veteran Jack Quaid, who’s often coated in fake blood as the character Hughie Campbell — whether it’s from a drug-addled speedster exploding through Hughie’s girlfriend, splatter from a rectal pipe bomb detonation, or riding a speed boat straight through the bowels of a whale.

Jack Quaid’s Hughie Campbell covered in blood for ‘The Boys’ season 1

Jack Quaid’s Hughie Campbell covered in blood for ‘The Boys’ season 1

| Credit: Prime Video

“I was like, ‘How do you get the blood off?’ He’s like, ‘Shaving cream and Dawn soap will be your best friend,'” she says, exclaiming, “Shaving cream is the only thing that gets it off!” There you have it, folks.

Broadway is one of the new stars of Gen V, which follows the students of Godolkin University, the Vought-owned-and-operated college for young supes looking to land spots in the top hero teams across the nation. Emma’s roommate Marie Moreau (Jaz Sinclair) arrives with hopes of becoming a member of the Seven, but she soon stumbles upon a dark and sinister mystery at Godolkin that tests her resolve. Other supes in her orbit are human torch Golden Boy/Luke Riordan (Patrick Schwarzenegger), gender-shifting Jordan Li (London Thor, Derek Luh), master of magnetism Andre Anderson (Chance Perdomo), mind “pusher” Cate Dunlap (Maddie Phillips), and the troubled strongman Sam (Asa Germann).

Emma Meyer (Lizze Broadway) and her YouTube costar David Caruso

Emma Meyer (Lizze Broadway) and her YouTube costar David Caruso

| Credit: Amazon Studios

While Quaid hasn’t been announced for any kind of role on Gen V, other stars from The Boys crossing over are Jessie T. Usher (speedster A-Train), Chace Crawford (deep-sea hero the Deep), Claudia Doumit (Congresswoman Victoria Neuman), Colby Minifie (Vought’s frantic PR gal Ashley Barrett), and P.J. Byrne (Vought’s in-house filmmaker Adam Bourke).

“It was great to shoot Gen V because they tee up a lot of stuff that’s going to happen in season 4 for The Boys,” Doumit says. “Gen V lays a lot of the groundwork and a lot of the foundations that season 4 will be built on for The Boys. So, watch it because it gives you a lot of information.”

Gen V will premiere its first three episodes on Sept. 29 on Prime Video, to be followed by a weekly release schedule.

All actor quotes in this story are from interviews conducted prior to the start of the SAG-AFTRA strike.

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