Diddy gets pulled over for blasting own song while driving a golf cart in Miami

Sean “Don’t worry if I write rhymes, I write checks” Combs, aka Diddy is a lot of things: A hip hop icon. Proud nepo father. A frequency. But relatable?

Diddy insists he is just that in a video of the eternally shaded music mogul getting pulled over for playing his music too loud. But that’s really where the relatability comes to a dead stop.

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and DJ Khaled.
John Parra/Getty Images

On Sept. 29, Diddy was just minding his own business on Instagram Live, driving a golf cart through the streets of Miami — as one does — blasting “What’s Love,” a track from his latest project, The Love Album.

In all fairness, the song is a certified banger, but that didn’t keep a police officer from pulling over the Bad Boy for life. At which point, Diddy informs the cop he’s on his way to meet up with DJ “We the best music” Khaled — and the cop informs Diddy that Miami’s got a “non-music reinforcement” policy.

How that’s possible in Miami where, if memory serves, one parties in the city where the heat is on, all night, on the beach till the break of dawn, is beyond comprehension, but Diddy complies and turns his music down. Then Diddy, being Diddy and never one to skip a check or a chance at self-promotion, asks the cop if he’s heard his new album. He has not.

“I want you to hear it,” Diddy tells him. “When you hear it, I want you to blast that s— as loud as you can.” The officer says he’ll blast it “at home” and Diddy thanks him for his service. Then while driving away, he adds as a postscript, “And eat a dick.”

But hey, Diddy’s turned over a new leaf, and a new name. He’s Love, now, and so catching himself, he remarks, “Oh, it’s f—ing Friday. What did you think you was gonna get? But I’m Love, I’m Love, y’all. But don’t get Love f—ed up.”

Diddy continues whipping his cart through Miami and waxing philosophically.

“They wanna f— with you for having them peanut butter seats. Y’all know what is out here,” he says. “It don’t matter…we always gonna be able to relate, baby. They gon’ pull you over, no matter how much money I got, they gon’ pull me over.”

But as the self-proclaimed “King of New York, LA, and Miami,” Diddy won’t let anyone “take my vibe” and so he pulls over, turns his music up “extra loud,” and gets ready to dance on these haters. But golf carts apparently aren’t meant to ball that hard. And the music cuts off before Diddy can bust out his trademark shoulder shimmy.

“I blew a fuse, man,” he laments. Relatable.

And yet, all’s well that ends well: Diddy made it to Khaled, with his golf cart in tact, and Miami will live to party another day.

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