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CM Radio - June 7, 2017 - JUNOs Return to CBC, Minotaurs, Prairie Cat

JUNOs Return to CBC, Minotaurs, Prairie Cat

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  • The CBC now not too prolonged ago held a “preview day” for its upcoming season, and one in every of the big matters of debate modified into the now not too prolonged ago-announced return of The JUNO Awards to the nationwide broadcaster. It seems there are big plans to form more relate in collaboration with CARAS the total year round. At the event, Mike caught up with CARAS President & CEO Allan Reid and Ticket Steinmetz, Senior Director of CBC Tune, to discuss about these plans and what they would mean for Canadian artists, insiders, and followers. An “apocalyptic-psychedelic afro-folk narrative.” That is how Nathan Lawr, the man at the good thing about the uber-cold project Minotaurs, describes his most up-to-date album, Aum. The project sides a various and spectacular checklist of collaborators, and Mike speaks with Nathan about how they landed at such a recurring hybrid of influences. After years of retaining issues intentionally cryptic, Vancouver’s Cary Pratt is totally embracing his artistic moniker of Prairie Cat with the aptly-titled new album, Prairie Cat Is Cary Pratt. He tells Andrew about how his newfound comfort in the spotlight and at the good thing about the mic influenced the composition of this most up-to-date album, and likely the significant alternative projects that lend a hand him busy – including having fun with drums with supergroup Mounties.

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