Bungie Clarifies Confusion Over ‘Destiny 2’ Oversoul Fragment Drop Rates

Destiny 2


Players who did not manage to beat Destiny 2’s Crota’s End on Contest Mode during the raid race period (about 97% of the people who tried) now have to farm 20 Oversoul Fragments in order to begin the quest to get Necrochasm, the new raid exotic.

While it’s a bit different than traditional raid exotic RNG, it is…still RNG to a certain extent, but Destiny 2 players have been trying to parse how exactly the system works. Now Bungie has stepped in to clarify, and resolve at least some of the confusion.

On the Bungie forums (kind of amazed these still exist rather than just putting everything on Twitter), the official Bungie Help account replied to a “bug” report from a player about Oversoul Fragment drops where they only drop on one character. Turns out this is intended, with a caveat:

“We can confirm on our side that Oversoul Fragments only drop once per week and per account as a guaranteed drop, when completing that raid. Besides that, every encounter has a small drop chance, but it’s not guaranteed.”

So, there is one guaranteed per week, but only one per account, so players with fewer characters to run are not at a disadvantage. However, that would take uh, 20 weeks, almost half a year of consistent clears, only bolstered by what appear to be very low chances at the Oversouls during encounters of the raid.

Destiny 2


Players aren’t exactly loving this because rather than just the RNG of whether you get the exotic or not, it’s now RNG about farming multiple essences. So instead of looking for one low chance drop, you’re looking for 10-15 low chance drops, depending on how often you’re clearing the full raid. In some ways this…does not seem better, despite the positive change of Contest clears guaranteeing the weapon quest. But a change that affects just a tiny percentage of the population.

This is also a switch from how normal raid exotic farming has worked in the past where there has not been an account lockout for drop chances, as you had one chance per week on three characters. Given how many of these you need to collect, I do think there should probably be additional benefit to having three characters that are raid-ready, but Bungie appears to disagree this time around.

Bungie has been known to change stuff like this eventually based on fan feedback, but with the raid just launching recently, it’s probably a little too early to gauge how this feels in the longer term, even if it doesn’t…sound great right now. We’ll see what happens. Till then, good luck farming.

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