Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama Talk about Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, and Extra in Fresh Podcast Clip: Hear

The third episode of Bruce Springsteen and ragged President Barack Obama’s contemporary Renegades: Born in the US podcast will get released on Spotify on Monday, March 1. The episode, called “Fantastic Grace: American Track,” will quilt Springsteen’s early musical influences, the foundation on the support of Springsteen on Broadway, Obama’s adolescent musical memories, and additional. Hear a clip from the episode under.

In the clip, Springsteen and Obama reminisce about hearing Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Billy Paul, and Joni Mitchell in the 1970s. The ragged president even tries his hand at sining Joni Mitchell’s Court docket and Spark song “Attend Me.”

“First album I sold with my get money—Talking Book, Stevie Wonder,” Obama tells Springsteen on the podcast. “I would sit down with a banged up diminutive ragged turntable, roughly plasticky having a see turntable.”

Revisit the 2016 feature “The Presidential Suite: A Study Aid at Obama’s Musical Milestones.”

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