Bigg Boss 16, Day 33, Live Updates: Salman Khan calls Shalin Bhanot ‘bloody irritating’

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Nov 4th 2022

  • 11:34 pm

    Janhvi Kapoor mimics Abdu Rozik

    Janhvi Kapoor along with Sunny Kaushal joined Salman and she mimicked Abdu Rozik on stage. 

  • 11:24 pm

    Janhvi Kapoor enters the house

    Janhvi Kapoor plays a game with housemates where they are asked to point out certain shortcomings. 

  • 11:14 pm

    Shalin and Archana get most of the beating

    Shalin and Archana get most of the balloons bursts by housemates as they think these two contestants have the most misunderstanding about themselves. 

  • 10:52 pm

    Salman Khan calls Shalin Bhanot ‘bloody irritating’

    Salman Khan blasts Shalin Bhanot over his demand of chicken and called him irritating. Salman is seen losing his cool over Shalin. Salman also pulls up Soundarya and Tina for calling Bigg Boss biased. 

  • 10:46 pm

    Salman blasts Archana

    Salman took Archana’s class over her rant on her missing clothes. The host tells her that the show’s team will tolerate it just for this time only and they won’t able to ignore her rant the next time. 

  • 10:35 pm

    Archana accuses makers

    Archana accused the makers of Bigg Boss saying that they have stolen her designer clothes. Even though the show’s team sends a note informing her that her clothes have been sent, Archana continues her rant about her  four missing bags. She even goes on to say that she will teach the show a lesson. 

  • 10:29 pm

    Gautam wants Soundarya to stay friends

    Gautam expressed his angst over the constant discussions happening around him and Soundarya. He then tells Soundarya that he told her that he loves her but he isn’t liking the things that are taking place inside the house. He also asks her to stay friends here and they may try to figure out their relationship outside. 

  • 10:23 pm

    Abdu Rozik becomes the new captain

    Abdu Rozik is now the captain of the house after Gautam Vig was fired from the captaincy. 

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