Beyoncé’s World Tour Drama: Lizzo’s Name Skipped in Performance

The Renaissance World Tour by Beyoncé, had sold-out tickets among celebrity attendees. During her concert at Gillette Stadium, Massachusetts, while singing the rendition of her song “Break My Soul”, she skips mentioning Lizzo’s name whilst performing the remix.

Videos of the concert appeared online Sunday night as fans spotted Beyoncé repeating Erykah Badu’s name four times instead, cutting off the rest of the names after Lizzo. This comes following news that former dancers for Lizzo have sued her, claiming she made them endure a hostile work environment involving sexual harassment.

Although Beyoncé didn’t specifically name Lizzo, she also stayed quiet on the names of any other artists or celebrities to avoid disrespect. Lizzo, a long-time Beyoncé fan who went to her Warsaw concert, hasn’t commented on the accusations thrown at her so far.

The lawsuit against Lizzo includes claims of weight-related comments after a performance, contradicting her role as a body-positivity advocate. Former team members have come forward in support of the victims, shedding light on similar experiences.

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