15 Empowering Latin Female Collaborations To Kick Off Girls’s History Month

Verify them out below:

Flor de Rap & Denise Rosenthal

Hailing from Santiago, Flor de Rap and Denise Rosenthal’s “Bailalo Mujer” is a danceable pop-urban note about lifting, supporting, and rooting for every varied.  “In our philosophy, we’re all equal/ And with respect we form realities/ We don’t possess in monarchies, that’s why we’re all queens here,” sings Rosenthal.

Lali & Cazzu

“From the lyrics to the pretty of the video, ‘Ladron’ sends a sure message that ladies bear masculine and female energy within themselves,” Lali previously urged Billboard of her pop-urban collab with Cazzu.

Becky G & Natti Natasha

Becky and Natti took the reins and unapologetically sang about sex, weed, and booty calls, sending the message that it’s OK for ladies to discuss about these topics.

Lali & Thalia

“Lindo Pero Bruto,” which in a nutshell skill “adorable nonetheless expressionless,” is a song dedicated to those men who discuss the debate nonetheless don’t stroll the stroll, don’t offer significant, or are most attention-grabbing staunch for one thing.

Fanny Lu, Paty Cantu & Melanie Pfirrman

Fusing urban, vallenato, cumbia, and dad rhythms, the bilingual “En Mis Tacones” conveys the message that ladies are onerous-working and just, amongst many things. “It’s an invitation to set aside yourself in anyone else’s sneakers, especially men within the sneakers of ladies,” Fanny urged Billboard.

Amandititita & Sandra Echeverría

BFF’s Amandititita and Sandra Echeverria joined forces on “De Mejores Corazones Me Han Corrido” about “a girl who doesn’t allow herself to be defeated by a failed relationship,” in step with Amandititita.

Chiquis, Ely Quintero & Helen Ochoa

Regarding the collab, Chiquis breaks down what it in fact skill to be the form of free spirit. “She’s anyone who doesn’t necessarily smash the foundations nonetheless bends them a runt bit,” Chiquis urged Billboard. “We lawful desire to event and ride lifestyles.”

Gloria Trevi & Alejandra Guzman  

As fragment of their first-ever joint Versus Tour, ’90s rock divas Gloria Trevi and Alejandra Guzman dropped “Mas Buena,” a song about a girl whose lifestyles most attention-grabbing got higher after her relationship used to be over.

Aitana, Ana Guerra, Greeicy & Tini

Because two used to be no longer ample, Aitana and Ana Guerra recruited Tini and Greeicy to add more lady vitality to their collab “Lo Malo.” The song is ready a girl who’s no longer settling for a recede boy.

Pandora & Natalia Jimenez

Spanish pop wide title Natalia Jimenez teamed up with ‘80s Mexican team Pandora to launch a brand contemporary version of her hit “Me Muero.” Their collaboration is a sublime fusion of both generations.

Leslie Grace & Farina

Leslie Grace and Farina ship a sure message to all of these f—boys who mediate they can play with the sentiments of a pair of lady at a time.

Paty Cantu & Karol G

Paty Cantu and Karol G teamed up to pour their hearts out in “No Es Suficiente,” a song about a girl who used to be black with her fundamental varied because he used to be egocentric and narcissistic.

Natalia Lafourcade & Ximena Sariñana

In 2014, Natalia Lafourcade known as to the stage Ximena Sariñana to teach “Amor, Amor de mis Amores.” Though it’s no longer an legitimate collab, their duet proved a solid, dazzling bond between the 2 Mexican singers.

Natti Natasha & Kany Garcia

Natti Natasha and Kany Garcia give lifestyles to “Soy Mía,” fragment of Natti’s debut album ilumiNATTI. In their significant collab, the 2 Caribbean singers proudly teach about being just women who don’t want a individual to be comfy.

Gloria Trevi & Karol G

Simply whenever you happen to idea you were getting away with your cheating methods, comes Trevi and Karol G with their in-your-face collab”Hijoepu*#.” The catchy reggaeton is ready two women who were conducted by the the same man and joined forces to name him out.

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