Obinna: Building A House In The Village Is Bad Investment

Comedian and show host Obinna says sometimes it is a waste of money building a house in the village. 

In an interview with SPM Buzz, Obinna said most of the time those living in the city do not spend in the houses they have constructed in their villages, leading to wastage of resources that could have been put into another use. 

Obinna said it’s time for people to start considering constructing houses that they can actually live in regularly. 

“I’am one of the comedians who build a house in the village early enough. But I rarely spend my time there. When I go home I spend in a hotel in Kisumu, and just pass by to see if the compound has been well maintained. The most I spend in my house is one week when I go upcountry with my children,” Obinna said. 

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Reacting to fellow comedian Mulamwa’s ongoing house project in the village, Obinna said it’s not a bad thing if one has extra coins to spare, because at the end of the day parents are always proud when you build a house in the village.

Mulamwah is putting up a huge house in his home village, and he claims to have spend at least KSh10 million so far. 

Obinna’s words echo those of economist and columnist Bitange Ndemo, who once opined that a house in the village in dead capital. 

Ndemo said it is useless to put up an expensive house in the village when most of the time you live away in an urban area. 

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