My Lecturer Invited Me To His House Only To F!nger Me – Legon Level 100 Students Boldly Exposes Lecturer

An anonymous Level 100 student at the University of Ghana, Legon revealed a sad occurrence involving her lecturer in a surprising revelation on social media.

She claimed that the lecturer had been giving her odd looks in class, and that this behavior had remained over time. Finally, he was able to get her phone number from a mutual friend.

Unexpectedly, the lecturer called her one day when she was relaxing at her hostel and asked her to come to his home for personal study. She was uncomfortable but didn’t know how to say no, so she decided to go along with it and hurried to his house.

The scenario became alarming after they started studying when she realized the lecturer was looking at her breasts with a lustful expression. He began kissing her without her permission before she even realized it.

The student was helplessly forced to tolerate the unpleasant scenario while the lecturer made inappropriate advances, including putting his hand beneath her skirt and engaging in unwelcome sexual behavior, because she felt trapped and powerless to respond.

The student emphasized her helplessness in the face of her inability to defend herself or stop the abuse. She is traumatized as a result of this extremely unpleasant encounter and is asking for sympathy and compassion from the public.


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