Mumbai: Water cut likely again if lakes are not filled by Oct 1

Richa Pinto / TNN / Updated: Sep 3, 2023, 06:58 IST


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Mumbai: Water cut likely again if lakes are not filled by October 1



may consider implementing a

water cut

once again if the stock in the seven lakes supplying water to the city do not fill to capacity i.e., 14.47 lakh million litre till October 1. The lakes which supply water to Mumbai need to have 14.47 lakh million litre of water to fulfil the city’s needs till the next monsoons arrive.
The civic hydraulic engineer

P Malwade

said, “We take a review of the water stocks on October 1. If by then the water in the lakes has not filled up to 14.47 lakh million litre, we may have to consider a water cut. The month of August has not been very promising with less rains received in the lakes despite which our water stocks increased up to 90%. We are hoping that in September the water stocks in the lakes will improve but if it doesn’t then accordingly a call on water cut would be taken.”
The total water stocks in the lakes on September 2 stood at 13.12 lakh million litres or 91% of the required quantum. The BMC had on July 1 implemented a 10% water cut owing to a delayed monsoon this year and inadequate water stocks in the seven lakes. However, the same was withdrawn on August 8 when the total water stocks touched 11.8 lakh million litre or 81.4% of the required quantum of 14.47 lakh million litre.


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