Japanese Company Rakuten Group Signs MoU with OpenAI

Both companies recognize the potential of AI technologies and are actively seeking to harness them to boost their businesses.

Rakuten Group has just entered into a strategic partnership with artificial intelligence (AI) firm OpenAI. By signing a memorandum of understanding with OpenAI, the Japanese company will be seeking to explore business opportunities that the partnership will make available to it, Reuters reports.

Rakuten to Tap OpenAI’s AI-Based Applications

For Rakuten, its primary aim is to key into the world of AI by integrating OpenAI applications into its current offerings. And given the wide acceptance and popularity that some of these applications already enjoy, Rakuten will be hoping to take advantage of the situation for its growth.

OpenAI has seen its popularity grow significantly in the past few months. More so since it launched its artificial general intelligence (AGI) app ChatGPT.  As Coinspeaker reported, ChatGPT is available for both Android and iOS users, and can also be accessed on the web.

But more than its prominent ChatGPT app, OpenAI also offers other applications including GPT-4 and other AGI models via APIs. And in addition to that, OpenAI also launched Whisper,  a speech-to-text transcription service, and an AI-based image generator dubbed Dall.E-2.

By partnering with OpenAI and using its innovative technologies, Rakuten Group seeks to improve its products and services in hopes that that will ultimately help to boost its customer experience.

The Growing Popularity of Artificial Intelligence

It might be worth noting that the new partnership is further proof of how artificial intelligence has gradually crept into various industries. So much so that its influence has spread across a range of industries including e-commerce, automobile, crypto, and even robotics to mention a few.

Although the details of this partnership remain sketchy at the moment, both companies certainly recognize the potential of AI technologies. For this, it will be interesting to see how they both harness AI to boost their businesses and pave the way for future advancements in the field.

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