BREAK: Kumawood Actor Oteele Involved In A Deadly Accident (VIDEO)

Ghanaian actor Oteele known from the Kumawood scene was involved in a horrific accident that almost killed him. The well-known actor recently revealed in an exclusive interview with GhPage that the awful incident occurred as he was traveling to Sunyani to promote a product as its brand ambassador.

During the interview, Oteele described how a tricycle unexpectedly crossed in front of him while he was traveling at top speed on the Sunyani-Bechem Highway.

Due to the peak speed, he was helpless to stop the automobile, which caused it to crash into a neighboring gutter.

Oteele involved accident

Oteele claims that while driving with the marketing director of the product he was supposed to promote, he also had some head injuries.

After the event, he was taken to Bechem SDA hospital where he received treatment and was released yesterday. However, this morning, he had to return to the hospital because of excruciating physical pain.

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