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Biomutant Patch 1.4 has been released and the players are curious to know more about them. So we have listed all the information about this update here. Read

biomutant patch 1.4


Biomutant has been one of the most played games developed by Swedish developers, Experiment 101. The makers have constantly been updating their game to bring in new content for their players. Recently they have released a new set of Biomutant 1.4 Patch notes that brings a number of different changes to the game. To help the players, here is all the information needed to know about the Biomutant 1.4 update. 

More about the new Biomutant Patch 1.4 

The makers of biomutant have been forced to make their game as perfect as it could be. Noty a lot of bugs have been spotted in the game thus these new Biomutant 1.4 update focuses on different changes in the game. To help the players with the new Biomutant patch notes,  they can read some of these changes that are right below. All of these Biomutant 1.4 patch notes have been taken from the game’s official Steam page. Read more:


  • Disabled fast travel when jumping from water.
  • Fixed issue where the “Unspeakable hand” Wung-Fu could cause NPCs to fall through water surfaces instead of drowning.
  • Fixed issue with rocket NPC being stuck in air after explosion.
  • Fixed issue with rocket NPC explosion particle effects popping when being removed.
  • Adjusted free-fall duration needed for Mounts to trigger hard landing.
  • Fixed attribute check labels in puzzles incorrectly being displayed as “Loot Chance” instead of “Intellect”.
  • Fixed infinite jump while using photo mode.
  • Fixed fireflies not spamming narration when caught.
  • Fixed child memories being auto-completed when opening photo mode.
  • Fixed some doors opening after using photo mode.
  • Fixed smoke from burning villages sometimes being rendered as stripes on AMD GPU’s.
  • Adjusted default camera pitch up a bit so it’s not positioned directly behind the player
  • Fixed resistance being reset after modifying appearance.

PC Specific

  • Fixed crash with AMD-based CPUs with built-in graphics.
  • Fixed crash when device info contains invalid display data on AMD-based CPUs.

New Game+

  • Opened up all class perks for NG+ games. When starting an NG+ game, the player will now be able to unlock perks from all classes.


  • Added Motion Blur slider to the settings.
  • Fixed so the camera setting “Auto Adjust > Player” also applies for combat, if turned off the camera will no longer try to frame enemies while in combat.
  • Fix Depth of Field toggle not being applied in dialogues


  • Updated melee sound effects across the board.
  • Updated mount sound effects volume.
  • Added sound effects for tribe war trebuchet.
  • Updated sounds when the player lands inside HQ after being launched from catapult.


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