Bigg Boss OTT, Day 16, Live Updates: Pratik Sehajpal breaks Akshara Singh’s heart; Milind Gaba calls Neha Bhasin a hypocrite

The new episode of Bigg Boss OTT has begun and it is time for nominations. Today, we will also see a shocking connection swap in the house.

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Aug 24th 2021

  • 10:10 pm

    Nishant, Moose and Pratik discuss about Akshara’s behaviour. At night, Pratik and Neha have a lovey-dovey conversation.

  • 10:07 pm

    Neha and Pratik have a conversation as a new connection. Divya tells Milind Gaba and Zeeshan Khan that Neha made a smart move by changing the connection. Later, Moose and Pratik discuss the new changes in the house. Moose tells Pratik she does not trust Neha. In the garden area, Milind Gaba makes a song taunting Neha while Akshara, Divya and Nishant enjoy. Moose talks to Akshara and says she was upset with Pratik’s decision. Shamita and others discuss about breakfast. Shamita and Raqesh request Akshara to take back the cooking task. Later, Neha asks Milind to hug her as she wants to sort the issues. Milind tells Neha he does not want to talk to her. In the garden area, Pratik apologises to Akshara. Akshara says she will never ever speak to Neha again. 

  • 9:43 pm

    Neha argues with Akshara Singh and Milind Gaba. Pratik goes to Akshara as she cries. Moose gets worried about their friendship and talks to Nishant about it. Divya hugs Akshara and tells she is happy with this new connection. Shamita hugs Milind as he feels sad. Pratik also tells Milind that he has nothing against him. Akshara cries while Moose and Nishant console her. Pratik feels bad for Akshara. He tries to talk to Akshara but she runs to talk to Milind. They both decide to break Neha and Pratik. Shamita makes Neha understand who is hurt after breaking the connection with Milind. Moose cries as Pratik is now with Neha as she hates her. Moose then goes to Neha and tells her that Milind is judgemental and it was good that she broke the connection. Raqesh tells Neha that she was right in connecting with Pratik. Milind wears a ‘I see Fake people’ t-shirt taunting Neha. Akshara talks to Moose about the new connection. 

  • 9:27 pm

    Akshara Singh also gives her heart to Pratik again and he accepts it. Neha goes next and she talks about the misunderstands between her and Milind. She herself throws her heart in the dustbin. And later shockingly, Pratik also breaks Akshara’s heart and throws in the dustbin. Later Divya gives her heart to Zeeshan and he accepts it. Akshara Singh comes again with a heart and gives it to Pratik again. But he breaks her heart again. Neha comes up again and she speaks to Pratik and Milind. She has a long argument with Milind. Eventually, she gives her heart to Pratik. Surprisingly, he accepts it. Akshara Singh gets up and gives her heart to Milind Gaba. Milind accepts her heart. Milind calls Neha a hypocrite. 

  • 9:07 pm

    In a new task called Game of Hearts, the female contestants were supposed to give away their hearts made of cardboard sheet to whom they feel they want to switch their connections with. If they would like to stick to their existing connection, they can continue their journey with their original partner. The task begins and Shamita Shetty gives her heart again to her connection Raqesh. In return, Raqesh accepts her heart and they hug each other. Moose Jattana gives her heart again to Nishant and he accepts it as well. 

  • 9:02 pm

    Akshara tells Moose to go and sort out things with Pratik. Later Divya asks Milind if he would change his connection and Milind says he won’t. Milind asks Akshara if he would change. Bigg Boss calls everyone in the living room. He talks about connection and makes everyone understand why having a strong connection is important. Bigg Boss announces that he has dissolved the connections and they have to make new connections. And this time all the boys will decide their connection.

  • 8:56 pm

    Nishant asks Moose and Pratik to sort out their differences. Later Akshara and Pratik discuss about Moose’s behaviour towards Pratik. Milind and Neha try to sort out their problems. They decide to stand for themselves. Later Pratik, Neha and Akshara have a chat. Akshara asks Neha if she has fallen in love with Pratik and in return, Neha asks her whether she has fallen for Milind Gaba. Neha calls Akshara jealous of her and Pratik’s friendship. Neha gets angry after Akshara accuses her of sticking around Pratik always. 

  • 8:46 pm

    The contestants wake up and dance to Shilpa Shetty’s Chura Ke Dil Mera song. In the kitchen, Shamita, Nishant, Raqesh discuss about breakfast issues as Shamita isn’t able to cook. Raqesh requested Akshara to take her breakfast issues but Divya and Akshara refuse to do it. They decide to make everyone understand the value of food and the one who makes it. 

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