Bigg Boss 16, Day 16, Live Updates: MC Stan looks teary-eyed, Sajid Khan asks him what happened

Bigg Boss 16 starts with Archana Gautam complaining of mosquitos. Priyanka Chahar Choudhary asks her if mosquitos bites in AC. Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia blames her for creating ruckus in the morning.

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Oct 17th 2022

  • 11:23 pm

    Tina just wipes the kitchen platform

    Tina Datta just wipes the kitchen platform. She tells Shalin Bhanot not to clean the sink area. Gori nagori says Tina is a princess. Sajid Khan tells MC Stan not to feel bad about negative comments. He asks her if he is upset with Gori or Shiv. Sajid Khan asks MC Stan what happened. He looks teary-eyed.

  • 11:09 pm

    Soundarya and Gautam have a chat

    Gautam Vig tells her that Shiv Thakare is biased. He says they favor MC Stan. Shiv says that people just wanted Priyanka to lose so they made him win. Tina Datta says she will not do kitchen work as she was busy with cooking. Tina and Soundarya say that they will not clean kitchen and work.

  • 11:05 pm

    Archana and Priyanka get cooking

    Abdu Rozik gets battery duty. Nimrit gets the bathroom duty. The good is to be cooked by Archana Gautam and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary. Tina Datta tells Shalin and Gautam to hug it out. She tells them to put male ego behind.

  • 11:02 pm

    Sumbul starts crying

    Sumbul Touqeer and Shalin Bhanot argue. He tells her to shut up. Sumbul starts crying. She says she trusted them. Sajid Khan tells Shiv Thakare to play like a captain. He says Nimrit was the best captain. He says Sumbul is crying a lot. Sajid says Shalin told Gautam that he played in an unfair manner.

  • 10:49 pm

    Priyanka blasts Gautam Vig as unfair

    The fight intensified between Priyanka and Shiv. Sajid Khan says that Ankit did not push Gori intentionally. Shalin Bhanot and Sumbul Touqeer have a spat. The Imlie actress says no took my name for captaincy. She starts crying. Tina Datta tells Ankit Gupta that he is pushing her. He says I did not push you. Ankit Gupta gets injured. Bigg Boss tells them not to play inside the bathroom. They come out. Gautam Vig says that Priyanka should be disqualified. Shiv Thakare is the new captain. MC Stan and Priyanka have a spat. PCC asks Gautam why was he unfair. She tells him he was unfair. She fights with Gautam Vig and calls him wrong. Ankit Gupta tells PCC to calm down. MC Stan and Nimrit tease Archana as Priyanka Ki Chamchi. Vig and Archana Gautam have a war of words. PCC calms her down. MC Stan and PCC fight.

  • 10:32 pm

    Priyanka and Shiv are captaincy contenders

    The two have to make dominos with plastic sticks. The others can help them to some extent. Others have to break the formations. Nimrit ruins it for Priyanka. Sumbul, tina and Shalin are eating lunch. Ankit is saving PCC’s formation. Archana ruin’s Shiv ka set. Gori Nagori falls down as she gets pushed by Nimrit while fighting with Ankit.

  • 10:22 pm

    Shalin Bhanot says Gautam has no leadership quality

    Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot say that Gautam Vig has no leadership qualities. They say he does not support his friends. Bigg Boss tells Shalin Bhanot to be his normal self in the house. The phone rings and BB wants to talk to Gautam Vig. BB tells him that he is fired from the captaincy. Bigg Boss says that he did not take decisions on his own accord. He says he took name of Bigg Boss in everything. Bigg Boss slams Archana Gautam for being in the kitchen always. Bigg Boss says this is not impressive.

  • 10:17 pm

    Tina Datta and MC Stan discuss game

    Tina Datta tells MC Stan that he must play hard in the captaincy task. Tina Datta says nominations will happen the task. Bigg Boss calls Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta to the confession room. He asks them why are avoiding one another. They say people are gossiping. They tell BB that Gautam Vig does not take a proper stand for them.

  • 10:15 pm

    Shiv and Nimrit fight

    Shiv Thakare says that Nimrit was wrong to check for the packet of rice in everyone’s room. She says she did not do wrong. She starts crying. Shiv Thakare says that she is overacting. The actress starts crying. Nimrit says I have anxiety issues and starts crying.

  • 10:10 pm

    Abdu Rozik and Archana Gauutam are super entertaining

    Archana Gautam starts complaining about mosquitos. Nimrit and Priyanka tell her to chill. Archana gets a head massage from Shiv Thakare. Abdu and Archana do a pillow fight. Archana makes fun of the cartoon printed underwear of the male contestants. Nimrit complains about a packet of missing Basmati rice. They decided to do an inspection. Nimrit finds it in the kitchen. Priyanka is kneading atta.

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