Bigg Boss 15, Day 19, Live Updates: Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash enter the main house

We will see that Jay Bhanushali fights with Pratik Sehajpal inside the Bigg Boss 15 house. Everyone gangs up on Nishant Bhat for his nominations.

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Oct 22nd 2021

  • 12:05 am

    Akasa tells Karan about PraNish

    Akasa tells Karan that Nishant is favouring Pratik. Karan tells Akasa to tell Pratik to not be so selfish. Teja has a word with Nishant. Everyone is now against Nishant.

  • 11:47 pm

    Teja advises Karan

    Teja says she will keep a watch on Karan and assures him of her support. She tells him not to discuss stuff with everything. Vishal and Umar say that Pratik has no game of his own. Nishant says Pratik and I struggled and came here. He says people are being unfair to Pratik all through. Teja calls Jay a rebel. Shamita tells Vishal about Teja. They say that Teja is self-obsessed. Vishal says that Jay is sensible.

  • 11:40 pm

    Nishant defends Pratik

    He says that he hates watching Pratik being concerned in the house. Big G comes in the morning. Pratik reads new message for the housemates. Umar and Ieshaan discuss the task. Nishant says Jay is not right about the money issue to Tejasswi. Nishant says he is upset that no one let Pratik inside. Karan tells Umar that Afsana is a weird character. Nishant tells Pratik to go ahead and make just two. Miesha says Nishant has two faves, Miesha and Pratik. Simba and Ieshaan call him biased.

  • 11:31 pm

    Jay and Shamita discuss money

    Jay says I cannot do it at all. Vishal and Akasa are checking out the notes. At night, Nishant tells Pratik he wants to go home and starts crying. Pratik hugs him tight. Karan asks Nishant what happened. He says that people hate Pratik too much. Kundrra says he ruins tasks.

  • 11:12 pm

    Karan and Vishal call Pratik dim-witted

    Karan and Vishal call Pratik dim-witted. At night, Nishant and Pratik have a chat. He says you do whatever you can to do. Pratik tells him let us play fairly. Karan says Pratik ruined all the pages. Shamita says Pratik wants to play alone and does not have any friends. Later, Shamita tells Jay that she is paying back the money. Jay says he cannot afford it.

  • 11:06 pm

    Jay and Pratik fight it out

    Jay says he will not play with Rs 8 lakh. Afsana and Umar also do their best. Nishant says the winner of third round is Shamita and Vishal. They get into the main house. Bigg Boss starts the gas supply of the kitchen. Karan says he did not hurt Pratik at all. They tease him about the WWE moves. He says Pratik is talking nonsense.

  • 11:00 pm

    Jay chats with Teja

    Jay says that he has been trying to save money all the time. Jay destroys Pratik’s game. Nishant says he will disqualify everyone. Jay grabs Pratik rather hard. His game is totally ruined. Jay says he needs the trophy and the full money of Rs 50 lakh.

  • 10:55 pm

    Nishant speaks to Umar

    Nishant tells Umar Riaz that he needs to do 4 papers to get entry. Vishal tells Shamita that they need to do atleast 3 to 4. Jay and Teja have a chat about the plans of others. Jay says if Shamita and Vishal betray then he will treat them as frauds.

  • 10:52 pm

    Karan and Tejasswi get the upgrade

    Karan and Tejasswi gain entry to the main house. Pratik talks about the incident of Zeeshan Khan in Bigg Boss OTT. He says that Karan literally flung him on the floor but did not apologize even once. Vishal says that Nishant – Pratik are playing for TejRan.

  • 10:49 pm

    The task begins again

    Nishant first puts Ieshaan and Miesha on the task. Jay tears all the papers. The second is Umar and Afsana. Jay ruins it for Simba and Akasa too. Pratik protects Akasa’s tiles while Simba holds Jay. Jay says I do not wish to take away Rs 15 lakh. He says I do not wish to live with guilt. Simba says even I would let go of Rs 7 lakh.

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