Bigg Boss 15, Day 10, Live Updates: Jay Bhanushali and Pratik Sehajpal get into a heated argument yet again

Bigg Boss 15’s day 10 will be full of action and drama. It is task day and we will see a lot of fights and arguments. However, we also have some fun moments in the house.

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Oct 13th 2021

  • 12:04 am

    Karan Kundrra tells Shamita that Jay needs to stop using bad words for Pratik and he will speak to Jay about it.

  • 11:54 pm

    The buzzer is heard again and Shamita-Nishant begin planning. Karan roams behind Nishant while Tejasswi handles Pratik. Pratik tries to put the sticker on Afsana to eliminate her. In trying to stick, Afsana falls and gets hurt. Later Bigg Boss announces that only one hour is left for the task to get over and only one junglewasi has been evicted. Shamita and Nishant try to spoil Miesha’s chappals to evict her. Shamita destroyed it and kept it in the storeroom. Later Bigg Boss announces that Miesha has been put out now it is time for Jay and Karan to defend themselves. Karan and Jay sit in the bathroom while Vishal and Tejasswi guard them. The buzzer is heard and the jungleswasis win. Bigg Boss asks everyone to gather in the indoor jungle. Bigg Boss tells them that the daaku task is over and the junglewasis win and they win the 30 pieces of the pathway. 

  • 11:36 pm

    Pratik goes and shouts at Jay and he gets angry. Jay tells him he did not even touch Shamita. Nishant and Shamita try to control Pratik. Jay once again uses bad words for Pratik and the fight continues. Shamita and Nishant tell Jay not to use bad words for him. Pratik breaks down while everyone goes to make him understand. Tejasswi asks Jay not to speak such things. Jay tells her that he will behave in the same way Pratik does. Later Tejasswi argues with Shamita and Nishant as they feel the junglewassis aren’t playing well. Tejasswi tells Shamita not to complaint as it is a game. Later Bigg Boss tells everyone not to use the glass door for the task and also says that only the main house people will put a cross on the picture of the junglewasi who is out. The jungleswasis make new plans. 

  • 11:14 pm

    Karan and Jay grab Nishant from all over and keep him away from Shamita and Pratik. Pratik and Shamita get physical to set Nishant free from Jay and Karan. However, Shamita, Pratik and Nishant become successful in killing Simba and hence the first level gets out. The main house people then target Akasa Singh. Shamita robs Akasa’s chappals but Bigg Boss asks everyone to stop the task as he wants to explain certain rules. Later in the bathroom area, Shamita shows Pratik how much hurt she has got and he begins fighting with the junglewassis. 

  • 11:00 pm

    Shamita then reads out the task letter where the junglewassis get another chance to get inside the house. The name of the task is Daaku ka kabza. If the junglewassis win they will get 30 pieces of the pathway. But if they loose all the pieces they have got until now will also be taken away. The daakus will be junglewassis and they are divided into 5 levels. Shamita, Pratik and Nishant have to kill the junglewassis level by level. Vishal is the head of the daakus and Tejasswi is his wife. Karan and Jay are their right and left hand. The way to kill the daakus is only known by the main house people. The task begins now and the daakus begin blocking the main house people. Karan Kundrra uses his brain and steals the camera given to the main house people. Karan enters the main house and begins disturbing Shamita, Pratik and Nishant. Karan then asks Jay and Miesha to help him keep the main house people away from each other. 

  • 10:44 pm

    The contestants get up and dance in the morning. Vishal as usual speaks to the camera. Tejasswi is talking to Jay, Vishal and saying that she is irritated wearing clothes from other people. She says that her Bigg Boss baby doesn’t listen. Vishal again speaks to the camera and wishes Amitabh Bachchan a very happy birthday. Later Big G enters the house with a chit for the housemates. Simba reads out the chit loudly. Tejasswi and Jay speak about the kitchen duties not being done well. Donal asks Karan whom she speak to about the kitchen duties. Vidhi comes there tells Donal that they have to be quick to make breakfast. Donal sits to speak with Shamita about it but Vidhi asks her to help Tejasswi. Later Karan and Jay make Donal understand that people need to understand that those doing kitchen duty have to sacrifice things. But she doesn’t understand. Afsana sits with Karan and tries to sort things. Karan tells her that she can’t speak badly about anyone in the house and only then he will be with her. Later, Jay, Vidhi, Vishal speak about people sitting inside the main house without permission. 

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