Big news! THIS facility for Central government employees to end from tomorrow

Since government offices have reopened, new guidelines have been issued regarding COVID-19 – Know more


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Updated: Nov 7, 2021, 02:38 PM IST

With a steady decline in COIVD-19 cases, India is slowly unlocking phase by phase and now has allowed government and private offices to function physically. With this, all facilities that were available to government employees will b removed from November 8. 

Now, instead of partial attendance or working from home, employees will have to attend the office on a full-time basis. The biometric attendance recording system will be back in place from tomorrow, November 8. 

The notification regarding Biometric Attendance has been issued in all Central offices. According to Umesh Kumar Bhatia, Deputy  Secretary in the Government of India, “In view of the Corona epidemic, concessions such as calling less number of employees in offices and reducing working hours were already abolished. Now from November 8, every employee will have to register biometric attendance.”

Guidelines issued in the government order: 

– It will be mandatory to have a sanitizer near the biometric machine

– All employees will have to sanitize their hands before and after registering attendance

– Employees will have to maintain a distance of six feet among themselves while registering biometric attendance

– All employees will be required to wear a mask or wear a face covering at all times

– Designated personnel should be deployed to clean the touchpad of the biometric machine frequently

– Biometric machines should be kept in an open environment. If the machine is inside, there should be adequate natural ventilation.

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