‘Be honest, do honest work’: 92-year-old man shares success mantra, post goes viral

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92 years old man shares his golden rule of living | Photo: LinkedIn/Sanjay Mudnaney

A 92-year-old man would come to this Starbucks regularly, have his coffee and take an auto rickshaw and go back home. This man’s simple and honest life lessons are gold. The world is moving towards a life that is full of ambitions and pace. While that is not a bad thing but often don’t give ourselves the time to think about all that we lose while on the journey to achieve. 

We often miss out on appreciating the joy of living in the hurry to get a comfortable or rather luxurious lifestyle. We put in all our life, time, and energy into chasing a better tomorrow. 

Recently, on LinkedIn, a user named Sanjay Mudnaney shared a rather pleasant encounter with this gentleman at a Starbucks coffee house. Imparting his wisdom, the Parsi gentleman, Keki said that he lived his life by following the golden rule, ‘be honest, do honest work’. 

“What is due to you will come to you, don’t fret about what does not, it is not meant for you,” said the man. He also added, “I never chased money.”

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Sanjay Mudnaney in his post said, “His advice for long life, don’t carry your worries, he never did. He has no regrets, none at all, he has travelled the world, and he has lived an honest life. And now I see him enjoying the small pleasures of life over a sip of coffee.”

This story is winning hearts on social media. One user wrote, “‘Let go’ is what reminds me after hearing the story of this inspiring gentleman. A Great personality.” The post has so far garnered more than 10.5k likes and over 200 reposts. 

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