Apple iPhone 13 screen repairs may not be possible at local shops; read details

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Apple has installed a new chip on the flex cable that connects the display to the motherboard in the new iPhone series, making it difficult to repair the screen

Apple iPhone 13 screen repairs might not be possible at local shops, read details


Apple has recently launched the iPhone 13 series through an online event. One of the most striking yet subtle improvements in the latest iPhone is the reduced notch size. While the bathtub style notch on the iPhones houses sophisticated sensors for Face ID, it also has a front-facing camera. Apple has managed to shrink the size of the notch while retaining all the features. However, the smaller notch might make screen replacements for the device very difficult. 

According to a DIY-based repair YouTube channel called iFixit, the iPhone 13 deliberately disables Face ID if the screen on the smartphone is replaced by a third-party item or shop. Apparently, the elaborate system of sensors that comprise the Face ID technology on Apple iPhones would not work if a user gets the screen replaced or repaired through a third-party/independent repair shop.

Apple iPhone 13 will not be repairable at local shops due to a new chip 

While commenting on the rather illogical discovery, Kevin Purdy from the YouTube channel says “This unprecedented lockdown is unique to Apple. It’s totally new in the iPhone 13, and hard to understand as a security measure, given that the Face ID illuminator is entirely separate from the screen.” The new restriction of getting screens replaced from third-party stores will make repairs on the iPhone 13 series extremely difficult. 

Apple has installed a new chip on the flex cable that connects the display to the motherboard in the new iPhone series. Additionally, there is a small controller on the screen that has to be connected with the new chip on the flex cable. The Face ID function seems to be working only when this connection is in place. It is also speculated that the connection can be established via secret software that is only available to Apple-authorized repair partners. 

Previously, the iPhone screen repair could have easily been done with hands. However, with the new iPhone series, those who repair the smartphone need a microscope. The arrangement of parts on the new iPhone will require local repair shops to invest in expensive equipment. Apple smartphones were already hard to repair. With the new changes, it looks like Apple does not want users to get their devices repaired through local shops. 


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