Anupama 28 July 2022 Written Update: Pakhi misbehaves with Anu and Lil Anu

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Anupama 28 July 2022 Written Update: As Anu and L’il Anu reach the Shah house, they meet Rakhi Dave while Pakhi lashes out at them. Read further.

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Anupama 28 July 2022 episode begins with Anu and Lil Anu praying together while Anuj lovingly looks at them. He then tells them to visit the Shah house. On the other hand, as Adhik and Pakhi talk to each other, they both confess their love for each other. Pakhi then promises him to meet after college. Anu later informs Ankush, Barkha, and other family members about the puja she is planning to organise to which Barkha asks Anu to take care of Pakhi’s happiness. This makes Anuj furious and he asks Barkha not to interfere as it is Anu and Pakhi’s matter. 

Anupama 28 July 2022 Written Update

Ankush then defends Barkha and Adhik to which Anuj gives him a befitting reply and even warns Adhik not to repeat what he did the other day. He then tells him to join the office and concentrate on work. Meanwhile, Kavya helps Pakhi get ready for college while Vanraj arrives and informs her that she can go by herself. He even states that he will now trust his daughter. 

Rakhi Dave to stay in Shah house until Kinjal’s delivery?

On the other hand, as Anuj tells Anu about confronting Barkha and Ankush, the latter overhears their conversation and wonders what they are talking about. Later on, Rakhi dave arrives at the Shah house to inform them that she has booked a room at a lavish hospital for Kinjal. While everyone starts arguing over the same, Kinjal loses her calm and lashes out at them. She asserts that she will deliver the baby in Shah house to which Rakhi decides to stay in the house until the baby arrives. Lil Anu then walks in and gets stunned meeting Rakhi. As Anu walks in, Pakhi misbehaves with her and orders her to get out of her house. Vanraj and Kavya try to stop her but she doesn’t listen to them. 

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While Pakhi accuses Anu of having an attitude after becoming a Kapadia, Anu lashes out at her stating that children just want a helpless and vulnerable mother. On the other hand, Anuj thinks that Anu has been tolerating a lot and it needs to end.

Image: A Still from Anupamaa 

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