Amresh Mishra talks about his path of struggle and success in blogging

In present times, we all know that the internet has taken over our lives. We tend to go to the internet for most of our life crises. Even businesses know that most of their target audience is present in the digital space. Blogging has become an interesting concept. As opposed to, It is easy to influence your target audience online than through physical ways. However, one must also understand that digital marketing started gaining popularity recently, and not many have experience in this field of blogging. Amresh Mishra is an expert in the field of blogging as he has helped many bloggers to sustain themselves online.

When Amresh began his career in blogging from Aurangabad (Bihar) in 2018, neither did he have any knowledge regarding the field nor anyone he could follow. He managed through the internet to find some valuable content. He used to attend both paid and unpaid articles to learn about blogging & digital marketing. Then, he would execute everything that he had learnt. He has worked hard to reach the position where he is today. It is difficult to sort out valid information from heaps of garbage online. He says that he understands the struggles of the emerging bloggers who do not know where to find the needed information, and often people are lost in the vast ocean of the internet. He knows what they go through because when he began blogging, It was not easy for him. He was lost too. Intending to help others find all the relevant content in one place, he started “MyTechnicalHindi.com”.

MyTechnicalHindi.com is a place that is known for its richness in content. Visitors do not have to pay for what they read and still gain knowledge. He wants to help people learn about blogging, marketing, etc. The team behind the scene consists of industry experts and not amateurs. They know what they are doing and work together to bring value to the readers. These blogs have done various articles on how to earn money online. These blogs add value to your knowledge and help the readers gain insight into the struggles and lifestyles of these business persons. Gradually his interest and curiosity about blogging & digital marketing resulted in him becoming an industry expert. Amresh has helped bloggers and entrepreneurs achieve success in the blogging by creating a positive reputation.

Amresh did not stop there as he wanted to do something more for those like himself. He began the project called MyTechnicalHindi.com. The goal and mission of this website are to help people promote their personal or company brand through blog publication. They help you to engage with a broader range of audiences through their website. It boosts the confidence of the young people who are seeing slow or no results at all.

Amresh Mishra has been helping the youth to gain more confidence and be visible in the online space & blogging. He is making the learning process easier for others.

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