Amazon’s Twitch CEO Emmett Shear to step down, know about his early life, education, net worth

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Amazon’s Twitch CEO Emmett Shear to step down, know about his early life, education, net worth

On Thursday, Amazon.com’s Twitch’s Emmett Shear revealed on the live streaming platform that he will step down as chief executive officer after over 16 years, but he will remain on as an advisor. 

President Dan Clancy, who has been at Twitch since 2019, will take on the role of CEO, Shear said. 

Emmett is an American born in 1983, and he is well known for his online investments and entrepreneurship. He is the co-owner of Justin. tv. Later in 2011, Shear started his own company out of his passion for games and named it Twitch. It is a platform for gamers to stream their live gameplay to the users of Twitch. Currently, his company has been bought by Amazon keeping his designation as the CEO.

Early Life 

Shear completed graduation from Yale University in 2005 with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Before being a successful owner of Twitch today, he and Justin Kan had established Kiko Software. Later, Justin sold the company for $258000 over eBay.

Emmett Shear’s Career 

After Kiko Software was sold out, Shear did not give up trying his hands at online business.

Shear then founded Justin. tv in 2006 with his partners, namely, Justin Kan, Kyle Vogt, and Michael Siebel. This started as a reality show broadcasting Justin’s life 24×7, later in 2007, it turned up to be a platform for subject-specific online video broadcasting channels. Gaming content was booming out of all the other content. This is when Shear decided to make a separate company for the gaming content and came up with Twitch in

June 2011. During the same period, Emmitt also partnered with Y Combinator on a part-time basis to boost the new entrepreneurs with his advice, in batches.

Amazon purchased Twitch in August 2014 keeping Shear as the CEO. On the other end, Justin. tv had gained much popularity by then reaching 30 million active users each month until it was closed in the same period.

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