After slamming Salman Khan, Sofia Hayat gets abused by superstar’s fans, ex ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant shares screenshots

Sofia Hayat also wrote, “I am not surprised that Salman Khan’s fans speak like this.”

Sofia Hayat, Salman Khan

Sofia Hayat, Salman Khan/Instagram

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Updated: Jun 9, 2021, 11:10 PM IST

Sofia Hayat has been getting abused by Salman Khan fans after she slammed the superstar on her social media pages. The former ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant even said that she refused to attend the finale of the reality show to avoid sharing the stage with Khan. Sofia also bashed Salman for releasing his movies on Eid a spiritual day. 

Hayat wrote, “Salman Khan has been using the same tricks every time he releases a movie. He releases on Eid, using the religious festivity as a promotional day, profiting from a spiritual day. He also releases the same clichéd storylines, same cheesy looks to camera, same clichéd girl meets boy story, (always using a younger model each time, isn’t it about time you cast a girl your own age to star opposite you?), and the same clichéd cheesy lines. What he has not done is to grow. His audiences have clearly grown and are fed up with the same regurgitated storylines that are quite clearly brain-numbing, even watching the trailer of Radhe, I thought, haven’t I seen all of this before?”

Soon after that, Sofia was abused by Salman’s fans and she took to her Instagram page to share a few screenshots. She wrote, “This is what happens when you watch too many Salman Khan movies…

I am not surprised that Salmans fans speak like this. We are what we listen to, watch and read.

As a celebrity, we have positions of responsibility. What are we teaching people in our movies, on TV, in what we say and what we do? I have had audiences of many millions on my TV shows, and BB had over a billion. The reason I did not appear on the finals stage, was because I was holding to my morals. Fame was secondary to that. Why? Because many impressionable fans were watching, and I either made a selfish decision to be on the biggest episode of Big Boss in the world or stay away, even after the producers threatened me with the contract saying I had to be on the TV show according to my contract. I said that my contract protected me from violence and they took no action to protect me, so because they breached the contract, did I.

My fans are polite and strong and truthful. They would never say vile things. It is a reflection of what I have presented.

I wish I could say the same about Salmans fans.


Sofia was earlier praised by Kamaal R Khan (KRK) for talking against Salman. 

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