After coronavirus, a new disease is affecting children

Children recovering from coronavirus may be at risk of becoming infected with this disease.


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Updated: May 31, 2021, 08:10 PM IST

New Delhi: India is already fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. However, to make matters worse, other deadly diseases are also starting to spread. The second wave of coronavirus is far from over but Black, White and Yellow Fungus has also wreaked havoc in the country. Meanwhile, another new disease is spreading. Even more frightening is that it is making small children its prey. Let’s know everything about this disease.

What is MIS-C?

‘Multi-system inflammatory syndrome’ (MIS-C) has emerged as a new concern in children after recovering from COVID-19. Many organs of children are affected by this syndrome. The disease affects children a few weeks after they are infected with COVID-19. In the second wave of Corona, two cases of this disease in children has been witnessed. So far, this disease has been reported in 5 children.

Children recovering from coronavirus may be at risk of becoming infected with MIS-C. Dr Yogesh Kumar Gupta, a paediatrician at Fortis Healthcare, says, “I cannot say that MIS-C is life-threatening, but several times this infection has huge effects on children. It can badly affect the heart, liver and kidneys of children.

Dr Yogesh explains that the disease occurs four to six weeks after the COVID-19 infection. Gupta said that MIS-C is the result of a reaction to an antigen made in the body to combat Covid-19. He said, “Covid-19 infection is something that we are not worried about because in most cases they are mild or mildly symptomatic but after recovery from this infection, antibodies are produced in the body of the children. These antibodies can cause allergies in their body.

Gupta also said that the documentation of MIS-C has been done as Covid-19 is at its peak in other countries. Last year, three such cases were reported and after the second wave, two cases have been reported. He expressed fears that MIS-C cases may increase further.

According to experts, MIS-C in children is rare. Experts believe that even though it is a small percentage, it needs to be investigated deeply. There needs to be a clear understanding of it before the next wave.

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