Adel Bhinder leading the private security industry in India

To win, you have to fail,” says Adel Singh.

Adel Singh spent his early years in the organisation assisting his father in the management of the company by overseeing the ground operations. Because of the father-son duo’s tireless work, Datar Security Service Group has grown to become a household name in India, with offices in numerous states and regions. Thanks to their well-considered and well-executed concepts!

He began his official role as the company’s Managing Director by overseeing Business Development for the company’s Security services division. Three years later, he demonstrated his worth by securing a few significant clients and expanding the company’s portfolio. He was named Group CEO in 2017, and he oversees both Security & Manpower Operations and Toll Management Service. Adel is a man with a vision. He has led the company with the determination to improve the state of workforce in the Manpower industry. Furthermore, he focuses on increasing the share of e-surveillance and providing opportunites for growth and development. Adel’s commitment remains strong while working towards gender equality in the Industry.  Adel’s contribution to the company is commendable. As a Field Officer, he has risen to be Operations Manager and later Head of the Business Development and Tendering team. Rising from the ground has taught him everything required to survive and excel in this Industry.

 Adel Singh’s entrepreneurship is an inspiration for the youth. In a world where people choose to think only about themselves, Adel channelizes his energy into keeping others happy. It is evident from the weightage he gives to the people on his team. Their inputs, suggestions and hard work never go unnoticed by Adel’s visionary eyes.

His main strength is coming up with practical, dependable, and productive strategies. This, he believes, is a significant step forward in terms of commercial development. Teamwork sets clear goals for each member by developing ideas and then delegating responsibilities. This facilitates the administration of responsibilities and the attainment of objectives. When you want to make a difference, having a team of professionals working together is beneficial.

Adel’s go-to essentials for surviving a workday are caffeine and a well-planned routine. Personal development requires a heuristic approach and top-level managerial skills. Adel agrees that this aids in the resolution of all issues.As a technophile, Adel places a high value on staying current with market trends and, as a result, prioritises self-development. Growth is impossible if we do not keep pace with the rest of the world. Since the trends and technologies in the world of security are always evolving and expanding, Adel believes in the same. He ensures that his R&D staff is up to date on these progressive trends, which he enjoys tracking and incorporating into his own learning.

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