5 side effects of protein powder you should be aware of

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The youth going to the gym nowadays take a lot of protein. The reason is when you go to the gym and work on those workouts, which work to build muscles, then it is necessary to give protein to the body to build muscles. For this, people often resort to supplements. Ever wonder about the protein powders you are taking thinking that it’s healthy actually, can be harmful to your health?

How reliable are protein supplements advised by gym instructors? Know their ill effects

Protein powder contains globular protein which is prepared from liquid material. This liquid material is derived from the bioproduct of cheese products. These globulars do more harm than good to the body.

Harmful effects of protein powder

1. Causes acne- They are protein-like powders that contain a variety of hormones and bioactive peptides. Which increases sebum production. Studies have shown that taking protein supplements can increase the problem of acne.

2. Unbalanced nutrient composition- Taking protein powder can lead to a nutritional imbalance in the body. Consuming natural proteins such as eggs, milk and meat can reduce the chances of this happening. Protein powder gives only a higher amount of protein which is dense and drinking it can lead to nutritional imbalance.

3. Gut microbiota is unstable- Whey milk is such milk which is a source of certain compounds. Antibiotic compounds like lactoferrin increase the chances of adult gut flora. This can lead to stomach upset and this can cause problems of gas or indigestion.

4. Toxic- Experts recommend bodybuilders take protein powder from good companies. The protein powder of some companies contains toxic metals in large quantities. Which are harmful to the body. Taking these can cause complaints of headache, fatigue, constipation and muscle pain.

5. Increases insulin level- Sometimes there are such disadvantages of taking protein powder which prove to be very bad in the long run. One of these is the change in the level of insulin caused by it. Taking protein powder after a workout leads to an increase in insulin, thus this sudden increase in regular insulin can be harmful in the future.

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